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Little biker going Thailand, Myanmar, to India (now)

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Little biker going Thailand, Myanmar, to India (now)

I bought my first ever bicycle in Bangkok and rode around the country for a month, now I am preparing to leave to travel through Myanmar to India within the next 2 weeks. Hoping to meet some bikers and more wonderful people along the way; hearing that biking through India alone as a woman is very difficult - any more insights? Nevertheless, not discouraged, just filling my heart with love to get ready for the journey. cheers and hope to hear back from anyone!

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You're quite the traveler,

You're quite the traveler, got stuck reading your blog for a while...very cool stuff!

Safe travels!!!

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Be safe

Please be incredibly've probably heard of some of the troubles females have encountered in this country, especially western women or couples. Basically, I would strongly recommend:
1. Do NOT accept rides from strangers, especially men, especially several men. Just don't do it.
2. Make sure you're in a safe space by nightfall, ideally not alone in an isolated place.

Basically, if you know your destination each day and have a hotel or something you're staying in, it should be fine. I don't wish to promote fear nor discourage adventures, but I live in this country and I've seen way too much how deeply embedded certain values (or lack thereof) this culture has around treating females. It's sad, and it warrants extreme caution on your part.

And of course, there is also such a wealth of goodness of people and beauty of culture, so I hope you come and enjoy :)

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