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It's always sad to hear of a cyclist's life being cut short through a traffic accident. But it feels somehow worse when the victim is one of Warm Showers community. My heart goes out to the parents and siblings of Ming Chih Hsieh, who was instantly killed when hit by a truck in Christchurch yesterday. ( and other links, with updates.)

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RIP Ming Chih Hsieh

Such sad news.
I work at Cycling Advocates Network here in New Zealand, and am a WS host.
We are working hard to prevent crashes like this.
We work with the Government, City Councils, business and the community to reduce risk, design safer streets, educate drivers and cyclists, and introduce safer road rules.
My thoughts are with the family and friends.

Patrick Morgan
CAN – Cycling Advocates Network
Tel 04-210-4967, Mob 027-563-4733, skype: patrick.morgan.can twitter: @patrickmorgan
PO Box 25-424, Wellington
Join us: Find us on Facebook
More people on bikes, more often

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This is sad news indeed! As a

This is sad news indeed! As a cyclist who has embarked on my very first big tour, I can relate to the elation and excitement of the adventure. And the pleasure of meeting new people and making new connections, that the late Mr. Hsieh must have felt.

It is tragic and preventable. If only people had a change of attitude. I had several close calls so far, some deliberate, some clueless.
I spoke to another touring cyclist who had a driver cuss her out with profanity, and another driver opened his window to toss loose change at her!

We have a strong car culture here in the USA, and a part of the population is very hostile to bicycling. They believe we have no right to be on the roads, and if we are harmed, it is not the drivers' responsibility.

At least these cyclists were doing what they were passionate about. My heart goes out to his family and friends and warmshowers hosts who got to connect with him.

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Our Sympathy to Ming's Family

Val and I hosted Ming a few months ago, he was one of only two people from Asia we have hosted among many from other parts of the world. The other was also from Taiwan, it was great to meet them. Ming rode the Queen Charlotte Track while in our area.

We don't treat cyclists with enough respect here in New Zealand and trucks especially are a real hazard. Maybe Ming's death will bring on the 1.5m clearance legislation and his passing will not be in vain.

Rest in Peace Ming,

Don McDonald

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Does anyone happen to know whether Ming had an online diary/blog at all. Hs family are aware of his facebook page, but are wondering whether there is any other website that may have any stories about or written by Ming during his travels.

Any information that can be given to me, for passing on, will be gratefully received by his family..
Kind regards, Biff

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