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Cycling Newbie on 'The Big One' from West Highland Scotland to Santiago de Compostela (and beyond!)

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Cycling Newbie on 'The Big One' from West Highland Scotland to Santiago de Compostela (and beyond!)

I'm fairly new to long distance cycling, having only made one 'big one' from Glasgow to Cambridge so far. I plan to leave Home near Lonchoilhead, Argyll before the end of the month. Busy, excited and nervous right now organising and reorganising the panniers!

New blogsite:

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Good luck reaching Santiago

Have you chosen any eurovelo routes on your way to Santiago de Compostela? how's the trip so far? have a nice time, hope to see more updates on this voyage.

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Pilgrim West Highlands Scotland to Santiago del Compostela

Hi Laura

Well, navigation wasn't ever my strength and France has just about go me beaten! I am currently in Marines en route to Chartres. My journey so far has been incredibly hilly and hard going - but I'm hopeful that from Chartres there will be a well defined route for the Way Saint Jacques Frances from there, or at worst from Tours!

Thank you for contacting me, and if you can offer a weary pilgrim any route/host/camping advice I will treasure it

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I wish you success

Hey Cathren,
I respect and admire anyone who makes such life changing decisions, and I totally feel the same as you. My journey started a week ago, but I still have not crossed the German border into Czech Republic yet. I wish you a fantastic ride and experience. Hope you enjoy every single moment and decide to continue beyond Compostella de Santiago and head to Eastern Europe and perhaps even further..... maybe then our routes will cross and we can share a few interesting stories.

All the best, stay strong and keep smiling ;)


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