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"the driver did not see the bicyclist"

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"the driver did not see the bicyclist"

I just happened to read about Steven Lewis in a Couchsurfing discussion. He was also a member here. There was a fatal road accident in Derby, Texas. This is a nice article about him:

Car drivers have selective attention. When scanning the road, they are looking for other cars. Even when they are watching the road, they may not see us. It is hard to imagine, but Steve Lewis and the yellow carrier for his dogs were not noticed by the driver that killed him.

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"The driver did not see the cyclist"

Yes, this is true. i have just returned from a tour of Southern and Northern Ireland. I had no problems on the roads in Southern Ireland, but soon after crossing the border into Northern Ireland, where I hardly ever saw another cyclist, I was nearly knocked down at a junction by an oncoming motorist turning right, who just didn't see me, even though I was at the front of the queue and waiting behind the white stop line to turn right myself. She overshot the white stop line, wanting to cut a corner, and only saw me right at the last minute, stopping dead within a hair's breadth of my front wheel. I had the distinct feeling she just didn't expect to see a cyclist, and so she just didn't.

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in the mind

feel very sorry about this story.

this kind of issue is a MIND issue ( sorry my english is lousy ), a psychology issue.
We see what we want to see or what we are looking for.

make the following experience, change the color of your stapler or any pen on your desk.
... sometime, it is just in front of you but you do not find it ... because you are looking for the other color ...

when you were a kid, you mum warns you mind the cars, never mind the bikers ... so you expect or only look at the cars.

This is the reason I ALWAYS wear flashy cloth, helmet, ...
... and before i go to my long dream trip, i will pain my bike in flashy orange ... ( and nobody will want to steal it )

On bike (motor or velo), it is crucial to be seen ON A FRACTION OF SECOND !!!

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Helmet mounted lights...

I almost got broadsided by a driver a few years ago on a morning commute to the office before sunrise.
Had a flashing white light mounted to the handlebars, and a flashing red light mounted to the seat post, and wearing my reflective yellow vest.
I stopped the driver and (out of curiosity) asked why she didn't see me.
She said something like; "I just didn't expect to see a biker there".
I think what she meant to say is "I didn't see your front light".
Shortly after that incident I installed a very bright white light on my helmet, and a red light on the back of the helmet.
Now, when I'm approaching an intersection or road or driveway with a car that could be a potential issue, I turn my head slightly and look at them.
What they see is a white flashing light they can't possibly least I hope so....
Have not had a problem since.
I kept the bike mounted lights on the bike, as spare & backup should one of the helmet mounted lights fail.

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