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older touring cyclists

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older touring cyclists

Hi there -- I am an almost 68 year old female touring cyclist -- I emphasize the "touring" as I am happiest when I ride with a loaded bike and camp out or visit with warmshowers hosts. I like to do day rides, but long trips are what I live for. Anyway, I wonder if there are more of you older folks out there -- touring with all your stuff, rather than staying in B and B's and eating out?? What I am looking for is community and good ideas for where and how to tour most comfortably as I near my 70's. Thanks -- and, hope to hear from you!

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older touring cyclists...

Jan, I'm right behind you at 60 - well, maybe not so far behind you that you can still see me in your mirror.
Am still working, but have plans to tour after retirement in about 5 years.
A few weeks ago I did an MS150 weekend fully loaded - 100 miles on Saturday and 66 miles on Sunday.
The bike and I are ready!
Did I tell you that you are my hero, my inspiration, for riding a fully loaded bike at 68..??
That is awesome...

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We also had two ladies staying with us who are in their 60ths. They were traveling for 3 months in Europe. We have had some really nice guest, but they were the best. :-)

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Senior Fellow Tourists

Just completed Leg 1 of Ole Man River Solo Bicycle Tour in New Orleans. 1,280 miles. 73 years old. Next stop-San Diego.

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I haven't been able to tour during 2016 due to purchasing a house and renovating since February. Totally have missed getting away with my bike and tent. I found when cycling in Europe, I was at an advantage by being a senior, female, and a solo rider. People were super nice to me and curious about my trip. Wish I'd started cycle touring long before I retired. I'm now 72 and have to cycle with a big old knee brace. I never intended to set any records, so doesn't bother me that I'm slow or have to walk a hill now and then. For me, it's about the experience and people I meet, not the speed or miles I cover. Love seeing other ladies who aren't afraid to go it alone, especially when it's a choice of traveling that way or not going at all. Best of luck to you, Jan!

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Off to Central and South America

Chris and I are 64. We got (back) into touring when our youngest offspring went to university. We started with a trip to Cuba in 2006, and have done more since then including Bangkok to Paris via Central Asia for 11 months when we were 56-57. We are planning to leave again in December, riding south from Mexico.

On extended tours, we find two age groups predominate: Late twenties and thirties, then a gap, then us of the grey hair. Plot age against frequency and you see a bimodal distribution of long distance touring cyclists, says a retired physicist I know. Across Central Asia we met quite a few French retiree couples who were on their way to Mongolia. "On s'en va vers la Mongolie" they all said.

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reaching 70

I cycled up until I was 70. Bungled back surgery has put me on equipment (a walker) for doing any serious distance now. But I cycled from the time I was 27, going out on the road every summer until I finally succumbed to the results of the surgery. Good going and good luck to all of you still out there. And if you're ever in Las Cruces, look us up. We will host you. --John & Donetta Demirjian, Las Cruces, New Mexico

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Bonjour Jan,

Je reviens au cyclotourisme après avoir arrêter pendant une vingtaine au profit du vélo cyclosportif.
J'ai 75 ans et une de mes partenaires de voyage a 79 ans, nous venons de terminer le tour de la Nouvelle-Angleterre en 18 jours sur 1300km.
Avec un autre ami de 72 ans j'ai 2 voyages en préparation pour l'an prochain, ainsi que le tour du Royaume-Unis en 2018.

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Hi Jan, I'm 66 and I echo

Hi Jan, I'm 66 and I echo your sentiments. Drop by for a stay if you're in Arizona.
I'm planning another tour early next year. Destination and duration TBA . If you or any other seniors are looking for a companion send me a message and we can make a plan.

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older touring cyclists

Add myself (age 65 and mildly arthritic) and my wife (58) to your list of bike travelers that prefer touring with all of our stuff. We also just completed on Sept. 15th a thru-hike (2,189 miles over 176 days) of the Appalachian Trail with all of our stuff. See you when you come to Salt Lake City.

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Older Touring Cyclists

Retiring from 36 years of education at the end of the current school year. Lots of changes/bucket list stuff going to happen. Husband and I will sell everything (live in PA) and go across the US using the TransAm. When done will settle in Florida (grandkids are calling) and then in January/February check out Key West Trail. Looking forward to being able to ride my bike when I want to and for as long as I want to.... Have done a number of 1 or 2 weeks self-contained tours in Canada, New England and Mid-Atlantic but can't wait to enjoy the US from the saddle....

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Hi Carol...we rode the TransAm 5or 6 years ago and really loved it......friendly, great scenery, wonderful mountains, good roads.....and would do it again...if time allows. We rode from west to east....and skipped Kansas because two hurricanes got in the way....all the rest was excellent! We wish you a safe journey!
Scott and Liz

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65 and 63

For ages I wanted to go back cycling and camping on a long distance. We did 2 weeks beginning of September.. Following Rhein- Rhone canal, Rhein and Donau.. Denis had a little cart and I had bags and satchels on my bike. We did 550km.
We had a lovely time, surely we were not as quick as the young ones but we enjoyed it so much that we want to do it again very soon.

We met lovely people and a slow pace during these 2 weeks, that we like. Time seems to be different when you're travelling by bike.

I hope you'll be able to do it a long time, I think it keep us fit and in better shape... Mental and body.
Take care

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Grey nomad cycling

Hi Jan......Liz and I are 63 and 73 respectively.....we are, we think, casual cyclists in that we only ride when we go off touring, which has been every year now for the past 15 years.
We mostly travel in the Australian winter, usually for about 4 months; our home is in a rural area where daily cycling is, for us, not so interesting...and besides, there are other we start each year's venture virtually from scratch.
This year has been a scattered tour...we rode through Germany, Poland and a little of Lithuania and Croatia, as well as trail walking in Corsica and canal boating in Ireland....I won't explain how that all happened..... too long! For the first time we used AirBnb in at least a third of our accommodation, as it was almost as cheap as camping and the weather was pretty soggy where we were. We still cooked our own meals mostly, being very budget conscious. We have graduated to Exped mattresses and carry Helinox camp seats these days for a bit of luxury, and try to limit our daily distance to around 70km.....although each tour seems to start with several days of only 40k as we warm up to being in the saddle. And, we are happy to walk the steep slopes.....there is an old saying we learned in Tibet...."If you are lucky enough to be in the mountains, you are lucky enough".
Maybe one day you will get to Australia and visit us on Kangaroo Island?
Scott and Liz

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Waves "hello" to Liz and

Waves "hello" to Liz and Scott from Prince Edward Island where it has been raining all day!

Older cyclists are lovely guests. :)

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Prince Edward island !!

Hello Susan,
You're living on a beautiful island ! We're lucky to spend a week there some years ago !! It would be lovely to go back !
Here too, it was raining all day !

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A good recumbent is far more

A good recumbent is far more comfortable and faster than upright touring bikes. I speak from thousands of miles of experience (and years of academic study in the field of human power and vehicle dynamics).

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Hi! I can't comment on recumbents....have never tried one....but in 40k km of touring I have never felt uncomfortable on my bikes, and never felt the need to go faster! Indeed, the more we ride the slower we go... by choice!

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Keep those comments coming!

I am so grateful for all of your sharing and inspiration!! Just to keep the ball, er.. the wheel rolling I will share that I completed a 135 mile tour over Westgard Pass, through Dyer, Nevada and over Montgomery Pass back to Bishop, California! It was an epic ride and a thrill since it was on my "Bucket List". Just another testimony to the idea that if we just keep on keeping on it is all possible! Happy Trails to you all!

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Keep on truck'in

Next to your comment, reading the reactions of Liz and Scott show how elderly people can cycle around for long distances.

I ever hosted this couple somewhere in 2011 and in that time I was already impressed by their mental and physical conditions.
Now we are 70 and 64 (Annelies) ourselves, we still enjoy long cycling trips between 8 and 12 weeks every year.
Age is never the standard. My mother still did her groceries at a bike when she was 85.
As long as our personal demands stay low and our physical condition during a bike trip stays good, we can do this for many more years.

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I'm in my 60s, and I'm on a

I'm in my 60s, and I'm on a 15,000 mile, 2 year tour to raise awareness for MDA. I'm self-supported and regularly stealth camp in the forest. I blog at Ride between the Stars. Stop in and say hello!

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Old but not invalided yet

Hi Jan, I turn 66 next year and am planning my 10th trip in Japan , 5 of which will have been by bicycle with around 13K. kms.. Have been going there since 2007.Plan to try for South Korea as well in 2017 , Japan is crowded and hectic but at the same time one of the best places I have ever toured, South Korea and Taiwan are both becoming popular as they are safe , great places to ride and are very well priced, might be getting a bit crowded so don't wait too long. This FB page has files in .pdf format on many things to help tour Japan, Here is another one Another with hotsprings and camping (work in progress)

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Older Touring Cyclists -- Merry Christmas and all that

Hello to all of you and thank you so much for all the inspiring stories of your later in life travels and adventures -- let's keep on keeping on -- and with that a Happy New Year to everyone!

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