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Informations Carretera Austral

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Informations Carretera Austral

Dear WS Members,

I'm thinking to do the Carretera Austral in February/march. I don't have a precise date. I would like to get in touch with people who already did it.

For Europeans, to which airport did you fly? Santiago?

Do you know if there's a bus which takes bikes from Santiago to Puerto Montt?

Do you think it's better to start in Puerto Montt or in O'Higgins?

How to come back and/or go to O'Higgins?

I hope someone can tell me more about this.

See you soon along the road!


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Hi, Most people start in

Hi, Most people start in Puerto Montt and ride down to O'Higgins. 

If you want to start in O'Higgins it is quite tricky, I dont think anyone ever started in O'Higgins, most people ride from El Calafate up, O'Higgins is just a stop point to get supplies, there is an airport at O'Higgins but why miss out the lake crossing?

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I made the Carretera Austral last year: i start in middle of december from Santiago and end in the end of january in Ushuaia

how can i help you?

There are daily buses from Santiago to Puert Montt (10/11 hours) about 50€

Most made from north to south, best choice for the winds :) (you find a lot)

When you arrive in O'Higgins you need or go back to Caleta Tortel and take a boath or crossing to Argentina (O'Higgind lake and Lago del Desierto Lake absolutly amazing places)

If you need contact me for more information

you can see some photos on my instagram: toto_zen

If you want write me directly on 



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