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WANTED: 2 Touring Bikes anywhere in SE Asia July

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WANTED: 2 Touring Bikes anywhere in SE Asia July

My wife and I will be travelling south east Asia in July 2019.  We would be interested in anyone who is currently travelling and plans to complete their trip in July.  We have not booked are flights and therefore timing and location are flexible.  If you have any questions please let us know.  Happy travels!!


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Maybe to sell : 2 bicycles somewhere is Southeast Asia

Hi ! My name is Ysaline and my partner & I are currently in Ho Chi Minh City with our bicycles.

We are still here for 3 weeks and we were just trying to plan our next move. We don’t know if we want to sell our bicycles here (now) or in Singapour (july-august).

So we were wondering if :

1. Our bicycles may interest you ? It’s not really proper touring bikes, more heavier I think (12kg), position on the bike is not the same and the handlebar is not as great as real touring bikes. But they are really robust and since now (Thailand & Cambodia), we really like them.

Brand : Trek Dual Sport 3 (you can check all the details on internet I think)

For now they’ve made like more than 1500km, they have some scratches but everything else is working perfectly.

They have luggage rack on the back but not on the front and 2 ortlieb bags each.

We have a pump, a light (we’ve already lost the second one), a handlebar bag, an under saddle bag, two elastics and a kit for small repairs.

I can send you some pictures if you want.

2. If you are interested, when do you have to know, to plan you trip ? (As we haven’t decided yet, we need a deadline ;-) )

If you have any question, feel free to contact us !

Ysaline & Jonas

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