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First bike tour

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First bike tour

Hi everyone I'm doing my first bike tour shortly, going from Belgium to Nederlands in mid/late September and I was hoping for some tips regarding some basic gear I should bring with me, and maybe what would be the best cloths to weather, I'm from South America so I'm not used to cold temperatures. And any tip or advice is welcome!



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Population density is high

Population density is high there, cycle density too, you will never be very far from a bike repair shop.

Temperatures are unlikely to be very low, but rain and showers will be almost guaranteed. 

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Maybe it's too late, you must

Maybe it's too late, you must be under way now. But in general I can tell: prepare for dressing in layers. The most outer layer must be rain and wind proof. Then you need a warm layer for cold days (and nights in some cases). Under these you can wear a shirt, a T-shirt, shorts, which could be 'hot weather clothes', but also 'extra underwear'. And then the washable underwear. 

Don't forget gloves and a hat. 

And take a small towel with you, to wipe off the cold wetness of the rain from your face. 

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re Belgium to the Nederlands

Head south for the sun rather than north to the cold and don't stop till you get to the Mardi Gras in Guinea Bissau at the end of January. Of course mulitple thin layers of clothing are best and the best fuel for cooking is either twigs in an old cat food can or, the universally available nail polish remover cut with any type of cooking oil.

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