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Bike Box/Bag Storage while on tour

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Bike Box/Bag Storage while on tour

One issue I have encountered when planning trips is finding accomodations at the start/end point of my trip that will allow me to leave my bike transport case while I'm travelling. On some trips it's been simple, as most hotels and B&Bs have a bit of empty space in the boiler room or the shed out back. But I've also had some difficulty on some trips. In one city, I encountered security regulations, such that they wouldn't allow me to leave my bag due to the terror threat level. Eventually I was able to find a place that would allow me to store the bag for a small fee - no problem. Between the fee and me paying for a couple of nights at the start and end of my trip, both parties were happy with the arrangement. And in another instance, I decided to just use disposable box, because no-one would agree to stash a padded nylon bag in a storage closet for a few weeks. But when I arrived at my lodgings, they had a veritable barn of an enclosed, secured bike-storage shed in the back yard. And when I asked if I could just toss my cardboard box in the far end of the empty shed, they shrugged "sure - why not?"

So long story short, one of the logistical challenges of travelling with a bike is finding a place to store your transport case, or being certain you can find a cardboard bike box for the return trip. With language differences this can be difficult to ascertain in advance.

I can't be alone in this. So perhaps warmshowers could add an option to their "hosting" profiles that simply says "luggage storage". I can't currently accomodate guests, but I can easily store bike bags and the like for anyone flying into and out of Vancouver. I'll even drive down and pick them up at the airport, and drop them off again at the end of their trip. There must be hundreds of Warmshowers members who live near airports or train stations who would be happy to find space for a couple of bike boxes and a small bag of clothes while someone is on the road.

Could that service be added to the hosting profiles?

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Bike box/bag storage while on tour

This is a good idea. My challenge is I arrive and depart different locations - usually 1,000 miles apart. What works for me when I'm touring domestically is ship my bike (and usually another box for panniers and gear) via and then pay a bike shop to box the bike (usually about $50). I have been successful in finding a box for my gear and - again - Fedx or UPS or who ever BikeFlights contracts with - will pick it up from either a WS host or hotel. In this way, I am flying to and from my end points without having the bike (and gear) in tow.