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Any advice for first tour ? :D

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Any advice for first tour ? :D

I just bought bike, realy would like to go for my first adventure :) I probably will go at start of september to Etonia. Sareema - Tallin and back to Latvia ... its around 1000 - 1100 km trip. Mostly its planet as a demo one, to find out i will like touring or not. Since i realy wouldnt like to make a bunch of stupid misstakes what can ruin exprience for me. I`m on tight budget so cheep bike and shiety equipment is my way to go :) 

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Here is what I suggest:

Here is what I suggest:

  • Try to keep your load light. I took way too much stuff on my first tours. You can always improvise or find what you need.
  • Know how to do simple repairs and maintenance on your bike and bring the necessary tools. I am thinking of a flat tire, tightening loose screws, lubing your chain. Bicycle shops are not far apart in Europe.
  • Just go and enjoy your trip!