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Tandem Touring in the Netherlands?

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Tandem Touring in the Netherlands?

Hello Fellow Cyclists!

My wife and I are avid tandem cyclists from California. We will be in the Netherlands 12-16 June 2023 and are looking for a tandem bike to rent for the week.

We are looking to rent a bike that we can ride 40-60 miles per day on, with racks for our panniers. Does anyone know where we can rent a Co-Motion, Cannondale, or similar tandem bike?

Also, will trains and busses in Holland accept tandems?

Thanks for whatever info you can share!

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I know, that Netherlands are very well for hiking. You should find a good bike. Please ask in google for Your trade mark + Your first town.
For trains You can ask directly the railroad by internet

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Maybe you can try https://www

Maybe you can try
I'm not familiar with the company, but the Santos bike is fantastic!

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tandem in train or bus

To answer that part of your question: No. Taking a bicycle in the train is possible, but not always easy. A tandem you can take with you in a 'sprinter' train (the train that stops at every station), but not in the intercity trains. And in the bus you are not allowed to take a bicycle with you, only a foldable bicycle that fits in a bag.

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Tandem in Netherland

We toured all over the Netherlands on a tandem for about 2 weeks a few years ago. We travel with our own bike, so I don't know about renting. However, the bike culture there is wonderful. We did take our tandem on trains, you just can't take an express or cross country borders.
Also, as you follow the bike highways, be careful to differentiate between local and long distance systems.