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letter of invitation for china

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letter of invitation for china

I trying to find someone living in China who would be willing to give me a
letter of invitation so i can get a Chinese visa

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private hosting in China


I heard, private hosting in China is forbidden by law. The host can get a lot of trouble.

Please, think about.

Regards Sebastian

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China Visa


echoing what Sebastian said:
I think you will be very hard pressed to find someone to provide you with a letter of invitation for an individual. My experience of working in China with Chinese associations suggests that it is litigious enough to do for business reasons, let alone tourism. This aside - I don't think you actually need a LOI to gain a Chinese Visa (this is certainly the case for most EU countries, and im pretty sure its the same in the US - apologies if im being presumptuous about your geography).

I certainly hope this is true, as I'll be entering Kashgar from the Stans in early Sept....

good luck!


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