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stop cycling on the roads

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stop cycling on the roads

hello all cyclist
last year i hosted a British cyclist couple ,they were cycling around the world.
today i read in yahoo news that they had an accident with a truck in Thailand and passed away.
they were an amazing ,lovely ,friendly couple .during their stay in my place i was really impressed by their kindness ,politeness.
overall they were angel who were cycling on this planet.
you can not imagine how sad i am .i was following their travel blog : but it will never updated anymore.they were enjoying life on the roads.i lost my close friends on the roads by a careless driver in Thailand.
from now i stopped thinking about cycling on the roads.
do you still think of cycling on the roads?
this is their profile:

yahoo news:

best regards

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Cyclist vs cars

I join you in your sadness over the death of these two cyclists even though I have never met them. It is an unfortunate reality that danger accompanies all of us who tour and must travel on roads used by automobiles. Despite all the attempts to educate the driving public there are still (and probably always will be) drivers who feel we don’t belong on a road they think they own.

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Cyling in South East Asia

I love Thailand and have cycled extensively there, in Laos and Cambodia as well. Thailand is quite safe. If I cannot avoid the four lane highways I usually cycle against the traffic on the far right side so I can see everything coming and if a motorcycle comes I point with my hand to the right so they know that I stay on the right.

Cambodia is much more dangerous for cyclists as the drivers don't care about each other and totally ignore cyclists. I saw quite a few accidents happening live during my trip. In Phnom Penh I was hit by a motorcyle and was very lucky but decided to make a bee line back to Thailand the next day.

The best country down there for cyclists is Laos. Very slow and relaxed traffic. With the annoying lorry exhaust I also often cycled against the traffic on the left side. Laotians (and their plentiful children) are the poorest and happiest people I met in all of Southern East Asia. Highly recommended.

Good luck and happy trails,


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Pete and Mary, may they rest in peace

Our deepest condolences to their family and friends.
From two of their Warmshowers family,
Michele & Benoit

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Have to ride the roads

If I can't ride on the roads, then touring here in the US is quite impossible for any distance. Heck, I couldn't do anything as I live car-free.

My life/my philosophy, 'I could die today in any number of accidents. I'm not going to stop living to keep from dying.'

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Safe cycling

Hi Charlie,

Exactly my feelings. Enjoy and trust in your own fate - without being careless. I've had my share of accidents but always came out of them a little wiser.

Cycle relaxed and without fear - only then are your reflexes (guardian angel?) at their best. Nobody can escape his/her destiny. May our English friends rest in peace.

Happy trails everybody. Be safe,


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Oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't know what to say, I'm really destroyed, I met them personaly... I cannot believe that!! This is just too bad... Crying right now. But I will never give up cycling on the roads and actually in a month I am starting the trip from Europe to Asia...

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