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Cross Canada Route Discussion

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Cross Canada Route Discussion

A ride that seems to be getting more and more popular is the Cross-Canada tour that I will be completing this summer.

I thought it might be nice to discuss different route ideas and tips.

My biggest concern is going through Western Ontario for the Winnipeg to Thunder Bay portion. It's supposed to have narrow shoulders and heavy truck use. A lot of people recommend cutting down and across the US border to avoid that route but I personally want to avoid having to enter the US for this ride as it is a "Cross-Canada" ride for me.

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Winnipeg to Thunder Bay

We have crossed Canada twice W to E and E to W. The section that worries you is a problem. We would recommend Hwy 17 from Thunder Bay to Kenora and on to the MB border. Not good in terms of shoulder, but not too much traffic. A good handlebar rear-view mirror is essential!! Once in MB stay off the TCH - there are no shoulders. From Whiteshell you can take the TCH 55 kms to the Hwy 11 junction, take Hwy 11, then hwy 15 into Winnipeg. (Alternately, from Whiteshell take hwy 44 to the hwy 11 jct and down to hwy 15 - but we have not done that). From Winnipeg get down to hwy 2 which is very rural, little traffic and what traffic there is gives plenty of room when passing. Stay on Hwy 2 at least as far as Souris, then make your way back to the TCH to enter Saskatchewan near Moosomin. By the way, crossing from E to W we had headwinds 107 0f 110 days!! See our ride info on Have a great trip, and we would be happy to answer any queries. Dave and Maxine

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Thanks so much! We took your

Thanks so much!
We took your highway two advice and have plotted out prospective stops a long the way.

I think we basically plan on avoiding the Trans-Can for most of Manitoba.

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You can do it

There is no argument that there are many trucks and narrow shoulders along this route. I experienced professional truck drivers that move over, when they can. Most times you can hear them breaking behind you because another truck is coming in the opposite direction. This is total courtesy and professional driving. As for the shoulders, you will get some really nice and some really bad shoulders. I have the opinion that you will find shoulders like this on most tours. I never had any problems, on what i deem, as a safe route. Enjoy your ride across the real Canada.

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