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In-Kind Bike Trip from Istanbul to Rome

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In-Kind Bike Trip from Istanbul to Rome

Dear Friends!

We would like to introduce our project called "In-Kind Bike Trip" – a 1600 km journey from Instanbul to Rome.

Sergey is an an artist from Russia. Ruslan is a Ukrainian touring cyclist.

Sergey is in the middle of his in-kind exchange world tour. Ruslan cycles Africa, Asia, Europe.

We decide to join our efforts for a month from March 15 to April 15, 2013 for an ultimate money-free cycling challenge.

What is “In-Kind Exchange”? We travel on bikes without money. In every city we visit Sergey draws and gives away portraits in exchange for any useful things (such as food, bed, etc).

Short video about the project:

You can get your portraits in exchange for food, water, lodging or something else, like mobile phone recharge. Besides, if you are interested we can have a lecture for a wider audience in you cafe/ club/ hostel/ gallery. As alternative, Sergey can draw your visitors in exchange for meal & lodging.

For more information:

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in Italy

what's your road-map in Italy?

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