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married couple looking to cycletour across Europe in the summer of 2013

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married couple looking to cycletour across Europe in the summer of 2013


my wife and i are looking at cycle touring across europe this summer and we needed some guidance. we have never been to europe before so we are sort of guessing about alot of things. we will probably only have about two weeks and our goal is to see as much different things as we can. we are really interested in seeing the netherlands and germany and it would be the fulfillment of a dream if i were able to stop and see a mountain stage of the tour de france. my wife is also very interested in at least seeing part of italy. i know this is probably too much for such a short time so we are looking for suggestions on what to leave out based on different factors (i.e. weather, time of year, etc). i was thinking of going around july. we are willing to take trains periodically if needed to see more areas and our hope is to camp as much as possible.

i mainly need help with the best way to start the planning process. should i plan out exactly where campgrounds are and where we will stop or is it just as easy to find routes and places to stay on the fly. is it more important to base the selection of the locations that you visit on the location itself or the routes that you have to take to get there.

any help that you could give us would be greatly appreciated. i wish i had more specific questions but i guess i dont even know what i dont know yet.

thanks again.

ryan and jenny

new orleans, la, usa

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Hi, All the best wishes to


All the best wishes to You.

Maybe that's interesting for You:

Regards Sebastian

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Frech info

Hi Ryan & Jenny.

France is a cyclist's heaven. The traffic give you plety of room & all the roads are well marked. My first tour in was in 2006 from Le havre to Barcelona (Spain), the country roads are quiet and well maintained and camp-grounds are never too far apart, although morte applicable on the southern part of France. The Pyrenese is awesome, though not too good if hills ain't ya thing!

I cycled up the Tourmalet on the last tour, the steepest part was a little bit at the end, but worth the effort. How about flying in to Toulouse & heading into the mountains from there? The towns are idylic and locals are friendly. If not already, maybe learn some basic French as that can help. My top tip is that cemeteries are a great place to get drinking water as they all have taps (for flowers!).

Have you heard of the cyclechat website forum? You can get lots of info on there, even without registering. I think the highest ranking thread is actually "French top-tips".

I cycled your Route 66 is 2008, now that was AWESOME!

Any questions further questions then fireaway!

Merci beaucoup! Mark

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europe for 2 weeks

well 2 weeks with thta kinda of plans is imposible by bike and trains....even planes....
so if your highlight will be a TdF mountain stage ,you most to forget the other countries,and to focus only in France.
If you want to go to Germany

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europe trip...second part...

funny he,,?...I have not idea what I you got only part of the message.
Ok I was saying so if you want to go to Germany,Italy,netherlands and the TDF stage,then get a around the world ticket,,then go 3 days each country.
When the ticket to France,rent a bike in the stage area,cycle for 3 days and head to the mountain stage...then back to USA.
Good trip
let me know for more questions.

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more about the europe trip

sorry,I forgot,in the part of the other countries the 3 days part is only by walking,not by bike.

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Europe 2013

In about two weeks you could follow the Eurovelo6 from say Orléans to Southern Germany. Fly into Paris, train to Orléans then cycle. Some great cities, plenty of warm showers and campsites. You could fly out of Zurich or Munich. There are some hills in the Black Forest and the start of the Danube is stunning.

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europe trip

well trains are not high speed as the planes.....then sometimes if you look in diferents webs,in diferents times,in diferents airlines,you often can find a better deal than the trains,also the saving time in plane against the hrs and hrs in the rtrains,then some HSpeed trains don't allow bikes,or have some restrictions,etc.....some planes allow the bike even w/o box,just remove pedals and seat.
In my trip in 2001(yeah long time ago)I paid from Paris to London with no bike fee just 40 dlls...from Barcelona to Sevilla aorund 120.00 plus 50 dlls for the bike....from Morocco to Madrid 150 no bike fee.
good trip

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in Italy

Dear Ryan & Jenny,

if you would like to see a part of north of Italy and you've short time, it's a good idea to use the train (no expensive, day ticket it's 3,5€), for example you can see Turin, Milan, Verona or Venice, and move to North (Germany -Austria - Switzerland) again with train.

If you'll move to Milan we are in Treviglio city (35kms east Milan) an important railway node where you can take the train for more interesting cities; you're welcome and you can use our house as base to visit Milan, Bergamo, Cremona, Brescia and as train base for all the destinations (some train start here and go to Verona and from there you can move to Munich).

See you!
Fausto & family

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