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Cooking on the road

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Cooking on the road

Hola Ciclistas!

Okay...I know you've all been there. It's your fifth week, or maybe your fiftieth...maybe more. You settle down after a long day's ride to cook a delectable, scrumptious pot of...plain rice?.....Again?.....pasta with watery sauce...Again? There has to be something better, you say! Surely there is. This is a call out to the bike roadies of WarmShowers to submit one or two (or ten, if they're good!) of your favorite bike-friendly recipes to share with the rest of us. Of particular interest are innovative ways to bake and in general cook "outside the pot". !Buen Provecho!

This was one of our favorites in Ecuador and Peru...

1 giant, super ripe PAPAYA
1 giant, super ripe MANGO or PIÑA, as available
red, green and/or hot pepper
1 can tuna (optional)
1 pot rice
tajin (our favorite mexican spice...anything will do)

Any other yummy fresh ingredients you can get your pedals on will work as well. Once your rice is cooked, add sauteed onion, garlic and peppers (with spices added to taste), then add drained tuna. Then pile on the tomato, avocado and chunks of your super ripe, wicked delicious looking mango (the mango/piña is crucial). Mix well. While this is surely got your taste buds drooling, take a deep breath and set it aside for a moment to cut your papaya in half lengthwise. Clean out the seeds and set one half aside, taking care not to set it on or near an anthill. Load up your new papaya bowl and dig in, making sure to get large scoops of papaya with each bite. This is made even tastier with a handful of freshly fried platanos (bananas) sprinkled on top.

Here's a picture.. Click on it to see the full version.

All hail the spatula!

You can add your recipes as comments to this posting!


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fermented biking

toss dumpstered, picked, ripe, and over ripe veggies in a salty brine. Close plastic container, and let it sit in your bike. Make sure veggies are submerged, and voila in a couple of days tasty pickles. Especially tasty - garlic with cauliflower, cilantro, winter squash etc...

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Peanutbutter Barrito

It's get you by when there's no store in sight. And it travels well.

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road tips

one tip from the road, after eating out of your one and only bowl,[because a bowl does everything, no other tableware needed} heat water in the same saucepan you cooked with, add teabag and boil, pour into the bowl and drink. this washes the saucepan, the bowl, and your spoon as every extra calorie counts. i know, i know this sounds really yuk, but just try it!!! it's not bad at all.

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Perfect Roadside Pancakes

Have you ever tried to cycle those first 5km - only 5km - to the all-day breakfast diner?? Those 5km feel like 50!!
Never, ever, miss breakfast!!

Your Perfect Roadside Pancakes only require:

1 cast-iron fry pan (worth it's weight in iron)
1 camp stove

2 cups all-purpose flour
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup powdered milk

Find all these ingredients at the bulk barn (mix 'em all together in one bag, all the same colour - just pay for the flour ;)
Each morning, mix enough for two pancakes, add 1 egg + dried berries/nuts, enough water, & stir until 'gooey pancake consistency'. Add butter / oil to your frypan, and...
Fry - pancakes - fry!!!!

Makes 8-10 pancakes :: J&R

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Cast irons are great but leave them at home! Toss the bowl to the roadside! One pot, lid, one fork, spoon, and knife will do it. Here's a favorite:

One box of mac n cheese, one can tuna, jalapeno pepper, tomato, onion or any other veggies you have lying around, one pack ramen with season packet.

Cook in and eat from the only pot you have. To clean, pour water in pot, scrape and drink. Repeat if needed. Enjoy mates.

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Anything Chili

This is great because you can use whatever food you have. This does NOT have the famously bad bean taste of kidney beans. Give it a try.

1 can black beans or chili (pinto) beans
1 can tomatoes
chili powder (or buy a season packet)

Optional stuff
1 can refried beans as thickener (black beans preferred)
More tomatoes
lentils (boil for a few minutes first, rinse)
vegetables (corn, onions, celery, anything)
cheese or other dairy products
cocoa (try it)
cayenne pepper (if you want more kick)

You can't mess this up. If the first 3 ingredients are there, it will be good.

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Peach Cobbler

Craving some hearty, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food? Are you camping in a place that has a firpit or allows you to make a real campfire? Bury your food in the coals of the fire. This turns your pot basically into an oven. Make sure you also have something that you can get to pot out of the coals with.

My favorite...

Peach (or any other fruit you like) cobbler

This is not exact! A little bit more or less of any ingredient and it will still taste fine.

1 or 2 peaches
a handful (about a cup) of plain oatmeal
brown sugar
4 tsp white sugar
4 tsp butter

I carry oatmeal, cinnamon, and brown sugar for breakfasts anyway. The white sugar and butter you can probably get enough of from a diner that morning or the day before, just ask for extra butter for your meal. Get the fruit from any place you can.

mix everything except for fruit. it should stick together, but still be kind of crumbly. Cut up fruit into the pot. Pack oatmeal mixture tightly down over the top of the fruit so it is all covered. put lid on pot. If lid does not lock, make sure to wrap the open edges in tin foil.

dig out a hole in the fire pit leaving a covering of hot coals in the bottom. Place pot in hole and heap hot coals over the top. You will know when it is ready because it will smell like peach pie. Generally takes about an hour. You can sub in any other fruit you like... apples, berries, whatever.

This is also a good way to cook many things that you would generally cook in a crock pot at home.


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Low cost cookware

Stainless steel mixing bowls with aluminum pie pan lids make great low cost cook kits. I’ve used a paint can handle and/or old bike cables for handles. There are no corners that like to capture food and make clean up difficult. They are fairly lightweight (considering they are made in China and sell in the US for $3-5 how much could they weight?). Just rough up the bottom with some sandpaper so it doesn’t slide about on your burner of choice. Cheers.

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Your amazing Rice and fruit/veggie dish!

Hey! Thank you so much for the start of a beautiful and oh so tasty recipe.
I am a nurse and the wellness director for a corporation, and modified this recipe at home.
Afterward I published it in our local newsletter, and have gotten rave reviews!

My modifications are as follows.

Hot peppers are essential to get the sweet and savory out of this dish.

136g of plantains(they hold up better in a skillet.
1 tsp. olive oil. (15g)
1 tsp. (15g)Jamaican jerk seasoning or Adobo seasoning(I prefer the Adobo).
...and brown rice only, not white.
Lightly saute' veggies and plantains in olive oil.
Cook rice according to directions.
Add sauted veggie's to rice. Add fruit(uncooked).
BTW the mango is indeed crucial!
Nutritious and Delicious!

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