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Death of Javier Cabrera Rodriguez

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Death of Javier Cabrera Rodriguez

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Javier Cabrera Rodriguez
happy be live and stay here, even can not ride my bikes, I trust in the future

We are sad to report the death of a WarmShowers member, a cyclist from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. His was the only pin on the WarmShowers map for all of the Canary Islands. We contacted him in November 2010 when we were cycling in Morocco, a month before we were planning to continue our bicycle trip in the Canary Islands. He responded very quickly, with many generous offers to help us during our trip. However, he also mentioned that he could no longer ride his bicycle due to his cancer. Within two weeks, even before we left Morocco, his sister contacted us to tell us that her brother Javier had died. She said that when he was in the hospital, he had asked her to let us know. Since the time we first contacted him, he updated his profile to include the quote above. He must have written that shortly before his death. Though we never met him, we would like to honour him with this post and to invite anyone who has met him to write something more.

Michèle and Benoît
Montréal Canada

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Rest in Peace , Javier. God

Rest in Peace , Javier. God Bless.


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It,s a very very sad

It,s a very very sad notice!!!! :-(


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I met Javier in the early

I met Javier in the early morning hours of May 2, 2010. when he arrived at my house after fyling to Norfolk, Virginia, USA. He was so excited to be in the USA and ready to embark on his trip across our great country. He gave me a pretty necklace he purchased in Madrid as a Thank You gift. I wear it often and think of him and his enthusiasum for life and adventure. He left by 9:30 am the next morning. We kept in touch during and after his trip. He cheered me on as I rode across the Pyrenees Mountains in September 2010. I was stunned to find out he had cancer when I returned from my trip and even more stunned to see he had passed when I checked his Facebook page in November 2010. I was lucky to have met Javier and will never forget him. Kim A.

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Suerte Javier, estes donde

Suerte Javier, estes donde estes.... pero seguro que sera un sitio bueno porque todos aquellos que ofrecen altruistamente lo que tienen son buenas personas.


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triste noticia

desde luego que si es una noticia bastante triste enterarse de la muerte de alguien aun mas si es un miembro de la comunidad, mis condolencias a su familia y todos sus allegados

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Descansa en paz

Que triste noticia, hoy estamos y mañana no sabemos. Otra blogger de la comnidad tambien fallecio Rsa Maria Torres creo que aqui no se registro pero fue buena compañera.
Enfermedades del Perro

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rest in peace, Javier

Though I didnt know you, may the wind be always behind you cycling and the rain fall when you asleep at night. God bless

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Rip Javier

I Did not know you but you sound like a Great man.
Your Cycling in Gods country now with the greats of all views.

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Condolences ...

REST IN PEACE... God Bless Your Way !!! DESCANSA EN PAZ... Dios Bendiga tu Camino!!!

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