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home made power bars

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home made power bars

I spent a long time trying to figure out how I was going to hike around the country on a limited budget with out looking like skeleton by the end. If the average person who sits at a desk all day needs 2,000 calories a day, then some one who is hauling around 25-40 pounds on their back every day might need a little more right? The average MRE, (meal ready to eat), that is fed to our Army and Marine Corps has 2,000 calories per meal. So if you ate every part of your MRE and you were given 2 to 3 a day, that would mean 4,000-6,000 calories a day! Well here's how you can intake loads of calories a day for a fraction of the cost of a box of MREs. I came up with this myself after watching some you tube vids and researching high calorie foods on line.

You will need......
4 cups of oatmeal
2 cups of crushed cashews
2 jars of 40 oz peanut butter
2 cups of whey protein
1 cup of dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup dried blue berries
1/2 cup raisins---I fucking hate raisins, anyway...
24 oz of honey
1/2 cup coffee grounds if you are a caffeine addict like me....

Then just mix all this up in a bowel or a zip lock bag. Let it harden, cut them up and you are done. If you can put this in a fridge to harden then do so. You can make 64 bars with this recipe at about 300 calories per bar and 11 grams of protein if I have done my math right. My math is based on the the calorie info on the food packages. Yours my vary slightly based on what brands you use.

Other things to consider.

1. The blue berries and raisins have antioxidants in them which will help your immune system. Which is the ONLY reason I put those god forsaken raisins in the bars any way.

2. Whey protein is a supplement and is generally not recommended for consumption if you are not working out. I personally consider hiking around the city with a heavy ass bag to be a work out, so I put it in my bars. It is full of calories.

3. Honey will help your bars hold together well and make it easier to mix the materials together. So don't skimp on the honey.

4. It cost me less then $50 to make these.

5. I do not know how long they will keep. I am a ginny pig for this. I have had them in the fridge uncovered for about a month. When I eat one and start violently throwing up 3 hours later I will let you know.

Good luck. I hope this helps some one. :)

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I like your idea. Let us know

I like your idea. Let us know how it worked out. Cheers from Vienna. Rudi. PS: You could also use dried apricots instead of raisins..

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Hmmmm, I will have to try

Hmmmm, I will have to try that. Thanks.

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sounds good, but...

raw oatmeal? you don't find that it causes some/any stomach discomfort?

So no cooking what-so-ever huh?

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Hahaha, no I don't cook the

Hahaha, no I don't cook the oatmeal. Neither I, nor any one else who has eaten them has had any complaints about the oatmeal yea.

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I'm sure you toast your

I'm sure you toast your oatmeal, right?

Let us know when you violently throw up.

I'll be making this soon. :)

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No, I don't toast the

No, I don't toast the oatmeal. I kind of like the idea of toasting it though. Haven't thrown up yet, and I hope you don't either. :)

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