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Marinoni experiences

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Marinoni experiences

Are there any members who have done long tours on a marinoni touring extreme. What has the ride been like, any failures. Have you ever used carbon forks etc. I know a lot of tourers prefer 26" wheels in particular while riding in remote areas. The mte's have 700c with carbon or steel forks. Is there only one grade of carbon or are there hybrid manufacturing techniques. Warmshowers may not be the best place to post these questions, but at least you are out on your bikes every day and would know pretty quick if your forks sheered off for hitting a few potholes. In any event if you have any experiences with this bike, I would like to hear it.
Cheers and thanks from Canada.

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Marinoni tourismo

We have been riding Marinonis for more than the past 7 years. Mine is a 2005 vintage with carbon forks. I have used it on Randonneur rides and has been to New Zealand twice as a pack mule on our tours. They stand up very well. I replaced the forks with new carbon forks after using the side of the fork as a brake along a small concrete & rock wall (a whole other story) not because it failed but due to a nagging concern that carbon forks may fail. All in all we are very happy with our tourismos.

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The long haul

Hi Robert,

To begin with I would never use a bike with disk brakes for real long distances in remote areas. Most world travellers I met prefer old proven steel bikes, myself included. My 20-year old prototype has never let me down in 20 years, I have ridden about 35.000 miles on it and I only rebuilt the wheels because the rims had worn a bit thin by the brake pads. 26-inch wheels are much stronger and you can get fat tyres that run very easily when pumped up to high pressure. I've been using Schwalbe ATB Plus which have the SmartGuard layer and never had any flats since almost 10.000 miles now. Some pics of my Schauff are here:

I also would never use a bike with carbon parts. Also I would invest in a Rohloff 14-speed gearhub and forget about derailleurs altogether. You then only have two sprockets and one chain to wear out and the rear sprocket can be used both ways, you can turn it after it has worn out and get another 3000+ miles out of it.

I love Asia and have been touring Laos, Cambodia and Thailand extensively. I will return to Thailand for three months next fall.

Happy trails, Jörg.

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buying a touring bike

Thanks for the responses to my post.
I have been also been looking at the Rocky Mountain Sherpa 30; nice bike but RM downgraded the 2011 version and it turns out to be difficult to purchase. The Rohloff 14 is a really nice option if I can find it at a reasonable price. So right now I am steering towards a Surly LHT which has the best frame/components per cost. Now I just need to find a bike shop to buy one!

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