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Oman - India

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Oman - India

I cycle from Belgium to New Zealand.
Is there a possibility to take a ship,
of Musqat, Oman to Mumbai India.
Thank you for your advice.
Ludo linden

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Hey maneke! We are from

Hey maneke!
We are from Brussels in Iran going to Nepal through India ;-)
We gonna go to UAE by ferry to get a flight from Sharjeh to Goa because we could find any information about ferry to India.
We heard about ferry from Oman to India when we were in Tabriz, but we think it's more a fantasy than reality... unfortunately!
The guy who told about this is from the tourist information center in Tabriz (I send you his email & phone by private).

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Salut Elodie &

Salut Elodie & Geoffroy,
Merci pour votre réponse via Warmshowers.
Je ne m'attendais pas une réponse en Belgique.
Je vous souhaite un vélo très agréable à.
Je contacter le homme de Tabriz.
Excusez-moi pour mon mauvais français

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(Hey small world! We met

(Hey small world! We met Geoffroy and Elodie in Turkey and again in Iran.)
We were looking for a boat from Oman to India too. Another Warmshowers member told us of a Canadian couple who cycled the world and used freighters instead of planes. They used this company:
However, when we contacted the company, we were told "embarkations/disembarkations in India are not possible due to the local authorities who are not cooperating with shipping companies."
The company does have some routes to other countries in the far east, but it is not cheap. We were quoted prices like 85-110 euros per person per day.
Hope some of this is helpful.
Michele & Benoit

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Re small world

Dear Michele en Benoit,

Thank you very much for answering my question.
You have helped me a lot.
I'm getting the attached link.
Are you still riding?
Have a safe trip.
Best Regards,

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