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Recommendation Notification

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Recommendation Notification

I've stayed with several dozen WS hosts along my tour and have left recommendations/references for all of them, but have only received a few in return. I like to hope that this isn't an indication of my annoyance as a guest, so I've been trying to think of why this might happen. In my case, I'm touring a little later than most in some of these areas and so the folks I stay with don't end up checking their WS profile for several months when more riders come through. I'm also a member of CouchSurfing and have a much better rate of reference-leaving (the technical term, I believe), which I attribute primarily to email notification. Whenever someone leaves me a reference, I get an email. I think if WS did this as well, the reference/recommendation system might be a lot more effective.

Any way the computer folks could make this happen?

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Definitely a great idea

I think this would be great.

I just took a look at it and noted that it will take a little code to do.

I made a formal feature request for this at

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recommendation notification

i also agree..warm showers should look into this!

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Recommendation Notification

Then again, some of us could care less about getting more email. I do not need more email. And I have left comments about both folks who have stayed with me and folks I have stayed with. So what we have now works for me just fine. "It ain't broke", why are some thinking of fixing it?

Not every person accesses the internet in the manner or at the speed with which you do.

My $0.02 worth,
Gerhardt, in Portland (OR)