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Cycling from Iran to Indonesia

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Cycling from Iran to Indonesia


My name is Lamri and am currently cycling from Rotterdam (the Netherlands) to Jakarta (Indonesia).
My girlfriend is going to travel a bit with me untill Tehran (Iran) and then I'm off on myself. I'll be in Tehran round the 18th of july and was wondering if there are more cyclists on the road?
My plans of visiting countries are,

Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal (if the roads are still good), Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodja, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.

If you are on the route, feel free to contact me :)))

Hope to hear from someone,


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Hey sounds like a great trip

Hey sounds like a great trip sure you will meet many amazing people.
I can just recommend Sulawesi to you, the island next to Calimantan. I cycled there last year from north to south and it was one of the favorite places, easy to acess with boat or plaen. love life lots of fun greets from the road in mexico

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great trip

Hey Lamri,

You have a really nice trip planned and I wish you great success. I will be following your tracks, but I am a few months behind you, as I will be in Prague this evening, and plan to reach Iran in September.

I did a lot of research, and came accross a lot of warnings about cycling through Pakistan. I would strongly recommend that you reconsider doing that as it could be life threatening for you. I püersonally, will cycle to the southern port of Bandar Abbas in Iran, and catch a ferry to Dubai, and then from Dubai to either Goa or another southern port in India.

I would like to see Pakistan as well, as I have a lot of Pakistani friends back in UK, but it's just not worth the risk from what I have read and heard.

Nevertheless, its your decision mate. I wish you great success and a lot fo wonderful adventures.



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roads in Nepal

Sounds fantastic. We've just got back from 6 weeks in Nepal, helping with disaster relief. Most of the roads in the country, where you'd be cycling are unaffected by the earthquakes. It's only the north-central region (which means the Friendship Highway to Tibet) that you'd have earthquake-related problems with. It's a beautiful country, amazingly welcoming and friendly, really cheap, and desperately needing toruism now . The latest UN map of affected area is available

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