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Brazil or chile,where buy a bike?

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Brazil or chile,where buy a bike?

I'm travelling in south america.
I want to buy a bike and all the necessary equipment.
Where I can find good price and good variety to choice between Chile and brazil?
Any tips about?

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In Chile

Here in Santiago we have a lot of deals. I have a friend who runs a bike shop, and the last year he build and sold a bike for a girl from Warmshowers. The price was something like USD 450. Also, I know a guy who build customs steel/cromoly frames, but this bikes are way expensive - like USD 2.500. Still, you can find some used bikes that are still good for tourism, like the Trek 820, for USD 130 or so. A new bike that can meet your needs can cost like USD 1.000 in a regular store.

A rack, like the Topeak Explorer, cost USD 55-60, and the other stuff you might need have reasonable prices, and we have a lot of stuff. Still, I think you should buy your panniers (Ortlieb) in Europe. Even for me, it was cheaper than buying them in Chile.

And, if you come to Santiago, don't forget to contact us! We are really happy to host Warmshowers users.

Have a sweet ride!

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