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Touring in very hot weather

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Touring in very hot weather

So I've been planning my tour for a while now and at this point I've bought all the supplies, booked flights and all that jazz. In short, I don't think cancelling it is an option. The thing is, I foolishly didn't predict that hot weather might be a problem and now I learn that South of Europe Experiences a heatwave with temperatures in Spain (where I'm headed) reaching 40C (that's ~105F). This is slightly... no, rather very concerning.

Does anyone have experience touring in such extreme temperatures? Would I be fine with a lot of water, salts and cycling only in early mornings and late evenings?

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The good news at least for

The good news at least for France is that it will not probably last weeks.
A cooler weather is planned for 8 or 9th July in south of France.
The good point with bicycle is that with a little of speed you get wind. So the problem is to stop under the shade and to find places to get water.
Personnally I like my helmet because it is protecting well from the sun.
Have a good trip!


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Hot weather touring

You should be just fine with that plan. Water, electrolyte replenishment, and sunscreen is the key to surviving. Vegetable juice(V-8) is good for some mineral replenishment, as well as for supplementing what can easily be a poor diet when touring. Soaking a jersey or t-shirt with water is good for evaporative cooling.

The biggest problem I've experienced with hot wx touring has been when camping and the temp never dropped below 75F at night. Motels and hostels are the obvious fix for that.


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Hot weather.

Pick up a LARGE light weight linen long-sleeved shirt at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Wear it instead of your bike jersey. It will keep you cool and it will keep the sun off of your arms. Also, find a library or take a siesta between noon and 4:00 - stay out of the heat. You will still get your miles (kilometers) in if you are on the road early - and you will enjoy the ride more. You will be fine. Enjoy your ride.

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Spaniard here. The sun can be

Spaniard here.

The sun can be nasty these days in Spain. And by nasty I mean I went for a walk the other day around midday, when the sun was still high in the sky (forgot the sunscreen lotion, no hat): as a result, I BURNT my forehead (As in, my skin is still peeling off as I type this). The point being the whole "4PM siesta" is pretty much BS. To give you an idea, on an really hot day (and this past week has been terrible), if I´m going out with my bike before 7PM I will be applying sunscreen because it´s still so hot you can feel the sun piercing your skin until pretty much 7:30-8PM (And remember I´m no albino toad, I´m a native guy who is "used" to it).

And by the way, we´ve recently had 85F and more AT MIDNIGHT where I live (which is not the hottest place in Spain at all). The point being unless that "siesta" is 8 hours long, you better brace yourself for the worse.

I do support the long-sleeves suggestion, helmet with visor, biking glasses, 1st quality sunscreen lotion, loads of water, and a tad of common sense. Worst case scenario, Spanish hospitals are quite decent... ;)

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