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South East Asia to Nepal

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South East Asia to Nepal

Hello, my name is Brandon. I will be biking from the end of July to November. My plan is to start in Southern Thailand (bkk) then Cambodia, when I hit the coast of Vietnam I'll turn left (North). Eventually I'll go west and start heading to Nepal to see my brother. If you're in the area we should ride together. I'm very easy going and just enjoy meeting new people.
Enjoy the Ride...

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Gathering information

Dear Brandon,

my name is John from Sabah, Borneo. I am interested with you plan. However, i do not plan to follow you for the time being. What i would like to ask of you is if you could share your travel experience, information from your trip? I do have plan to start off from Peninsula Malaysia all the way to West Europe, specifically United Kingdom. I do not plan to cycle all the way without any recce. It is not good idea to go in blindly. Probably within the next few year. Do write up to me. I am looking forward to your reply. I know this is rather haste but i like your plan. Maybe next time


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