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Dorset-Isle of Mann TT Classic- Northern Scotland spiced with rock climbing/hiking/lil' bit of partying etc

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Dorset-Isle of Mann TT Classic- Northern Scotland spiced with rock climbing/hiking/lil' bit of partying etc

I'm Sarah, Aussie, 22 and looking for a kindred spirit to share some miles with from Dorset to Northern Scotland.

Rough route is: Plymouth, Barnstaple, Bristol, up the guts of Wales, Dolgellau, Birkenhead, Ferry to Isle of Mann for the motorbiking festival, (29th Aug- 4th September: this is a definite :) ), Lancaster, Keswick, Carlisle, Dumfries, Castle Douglas, Glentrool, Saltcoats, Ferry to Arran, island hop to Islays (Spending a week or two tottering from one distillery to the other soaking in both scotch and culture) (would also like to do a few hikes here, preferably on a different island to the scotch! I mean you can do most things at 22 but hiking with a hangover is not one of them!), then to Colonsay Island (or back through Ardcastle), Mull, Skye all over, Coastal road through Wester Ross and then just kinda work out what to do from there, eventually winding back down through to Edinburgh.

The trip will probably take anything up to three months, I'd like to average between 30 and 50 miles a day, with plenty of stops to see things and have a look around.

Budget wise my big chunks have been put aside for things like hiring rock climbing equipment, distillery tours etc :) Imagine a twenty-something backpacker budget- always dosh for scotch but less for expensive hotel rooms! So I plan to WWOOF, Warm showers ofc, Couchsurf and camp. I'll probably cook breakfast and dinner in camp and grab lunch along the way, or make a sandwhich or something :) It would make a lot of sense if we were both in the same basket budget-wise. I'll probably spend more at events like the Isle of Mann festival and suchlike. If i can get my savings to stretch i can cycle all summer before having to get a job.

As a companion to cycle with I'm very easy going, eat a criminal amount of bananas and ride a thin-tyred touring bike from the 80's called Bessie. I'm not vegetarian but can probably get on board 90% of the time if you are.

I'd like to find someone any age who's easygoing and enthusiastic, for any part of the trip you'd like to tag along for. even better if you have camping equipment cos I haven't quite got round to getting any yet!

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Hey there! I would be

Hey there!

I would be interested in riding with you from s. Wales to dolgellau. I live in Cardiff and would like to explore Wales by via bike. I have only recently acquired a bike so it would be a good mini tour for me to do... If you don't mind being with a slow and slightly wobbly vegetarian! :p

What dates would you be in south Wales?

Also if would like a place to stay in mid Wales I have family there who would happily have you stay.



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Hi There Grace

Hey Grace,

So I'm making a detour to Ireland to sort out a new visa, and I think I'll cycle around there for a month or so. I sail from Fishguard to Rosslare on the 27th of July. Fancy jumping on the same boat and doing a bit of Ireland instead?

Otherwise I'll be hot-tailing it across Wales to catch the boat in time and may be going too fast for you.

All the best,


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