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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for cycling companions for touring this summer, starting in Geneva and ending in Istanbul.

The route can be divided into three parts:

I. Geneva-Milan
II. Milan-Split
III. Split-Istanbul

For the second part, Milan-Split, I already have a friend cycling with me (but of course, anyone can join us!)

For the third part, Split-Istanbul, I have two potential warmshower friends coming along, meeting in Croatia.

For the first part, Geneva-Milan, however, I don't have any riding partners.

Is anyone cycling along the same way, and would like to share the road with me?

I'm not sure of how good my fitness is, so I will go pretty slow in the first part, just to make sure everything is alright and working well. This is also my first touring trip, so I don't have much experience, although I've read around it quite a lot. I'm planning on staying at warmshowers hosts, camping sites and eventually wild camping, in order to keep the costs down.

I'm starting the trip this Friday, 10th of July, planning to arrive in Milan around the 16-20th of July, and in Istanbul by the 31st of August :)

Looking forward to hear more from you,
Best regards,

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Hi Jean I can offer you

Hi Jean

I can offer you hosting in Kastel Luksic ( 15 km from Split), from tomorrow. I'm on my vacation for 40 days, and still didn't sure where I would like to go.

Few days ago I finished my trip around eastern Slavonia ( 1100 km at 11 days) and it was my second 10 days tour in Croatia. Now when I saw everything what I was planing to see in Croatia, I think that is time to move on little bit further.

I'm 43 years old, and one of the admins on croatian version warm shower group on facebook(it's called Tus&krevet- shower and bed).

This last trip I was planing as preparation for my world tour, and it was with 2 EUR/per day, wild camping, firefighters departments, football playgrounds, local churches, houses in construction ( everywhere where you can get easily fresh water.

For mine next trip I'm planing do the similar but maybe with little bit more budget (5 EUR). It's included self cooking, 5 meals per day, resting between 1100-1600, and riding no more than 100 km per day ( 2x50 km). If I find someone over this site or couchsurfing for hosting it would be good take rest for one day after every 3-5 days riding.

If you are interesting for something more, you can contact me over this site or facebook ( same name)

Tail wind

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to istanbul

Hi yall. Ill be around the Slovenian coast in the beginning of august (3rd or 4th, something like that) and wouldn't mind heading to Istanbul with some people. Let me know whats up. Peace

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good luck

great tour!
I did it already as I arrived in Greece yesterday (Corfu).

You can have a look on my blog if you're interested.

Enjoy your ride.
Hope the heat will decrease a bit for you.
Be prepared for much uphill, especially in Croatia and Albania.


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