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Hosts as Guests

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Hosts as Guests

My wife and I, ages 82 and 84, have been hosts for about 7 years. We were bikecycle campers for decades before there was a "warm showers" and now spend our summers riding rail trails - she on a recumbent trike and me still on two wheels. Our question is: CAN WE ASK FOR HOSPITALITY AS WE TRAVEL VIA TINY MOTOR HOME THIS SUMMER?

We plan to be in Ontario, Canada most of this (2015) summer.

Please reply to

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This has been discussed a

This has been discussed a number of times on the forums. See:
*people using Warm showers not touring... |
*non-touring host requests and appropriateness |
*Is it in the spirit of Warm Showers? |

The short answer for non-human powered travelling is: probably not. I would certainly not use WS this way as a guest, but if you read the discussions you will find a number of hosts open to such a proposal. You can try your luck, but why not use one of the many other hospex sites out there (bewelcome, trustroots etc) if you are not on the bike? This might seem pedantic but there have been reports of increasing numbers of requests of this type and many here would like to see WS retain its identity as a site for touring cyclists.

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It all soooo depends.....

I do decide these requests on an individual basis.

In your case it is a no-brainer to me and you both would be very welcome at any time!

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Absolutely Agree

Yes, very pedantic and absolutely agree with Michael, if your ever in Wales you would be more than welcome. I hope I am still on my bike at 82 and 84 respectively and motor home or not you would be most welcome.

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I agree with Michael.

I agree with Michael.

Bob and Gerry have put years of effort into this site, just look at the feedback they have.

To just say "no, because your not on a bike" is heartless. They have done their bit for the cycling community and richly deserve our support.

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grump grump .. [ mandatory Post title..].

The title of this Thread is thoroughly misleading. Instead of a possibly interesting discussion about the difference between Hosts and Guests ( if there is such a difference, as I believe there is ..), instead of that we have an anecdotal conversation about an *individual member's* very unusual circumstances ( no , not *unique* circumstances, just very unusual...)

However, I am just an old grump, who wants it to be worthwhile browsing these Forums. Having meaningful Thread titles would assist in that result. I just don't like arguing about individual situations here, when we need to consider the Big Picture...

EDIT : I have the impression that the Original Post was referring - somewhat indirectly - to an issue of possible disability in this case. As such, a better Title might have alluded to that aspect , eg " Long term Host, now travels by motor.."

FWIW : given the argumentative nature of the membership, and the complete lack of any central "credentialing" authority in this organisation, I don't expect the OP will get any real answer to the question. If he/she is seeking Guesting, I suggest they simply explain their unusual situation in their request(s) and accept the responses, if any ..

Happy travels, everybody !

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LOL: Aloha Fish; Dear Grump ;)

Peace: It is all good ;)
I just had a little disagreement with Paul on a different issue (bike rental); however, I usually agree with all he has posted in the past ;)
However: I disagree with most of your post in the past, although that is not the issue here, I also disagree with your reply in this case:
WS to me is NOT a religion. This leaves room for individual circumstances, such as the OP (Original Posters ;) )
Yes, living in Hawaii, I am confronted with unusual request. Only 2 of all my guests actually arrived on a functional bike (= ridding it = only one of those really counts (the other one used it to cycle between the different bus stops of our wonderful bus system) ;) ).
However: I love the WS hosts and would open my doors to any of them at any time under any circumstances with support of most of their needs...
Hence I hear you you that the forum title was not the perfect choice, but still good enough for all of us to comment on and to strike up a valid conversation.

Love: and please come and stay with me, if you ever make it to Hawaii.

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With my new epithet I believe

With my new epithet I believe I have usurped the title of King Grump from Fish, if you are still agreeing with me more than him perhaps its time to reconsider your opinions. Stand aside, the throne is mine, all hail King Bathysphere the Heartless!

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We would say yes

We get a lot of hosting requests and have to turn some away. At the top of my "we can make way for you, no matter how busy we are" list are repeated hosts. Just explain your circumstances. Your feedback and profile will tell the rest of your story.

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