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New to Touring Cycling London-Hamburg

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New to Touring Cycling London-Hamburg

I am embarking on my first cycle tour this August. I have booked my ferry on 04.07 from Harwich to Hook of Holland. I plan to cycle through Holland and Northern Germany to Hamburg (I plan to go up to Norden in Germany as I have close family friends there). I would be happy to join with anyone on sections of the journey and welcome recommendations for particular routes, and any advice on where to stay. I will have a pop-up tent with me so can stop to camp, but I don't know what it's like in these areas for camping.

Also, I am on quite a low budget for this trip, so if anyone in London has old gear they no longer use for cheap/ willing to donate then please get in touch. Looking forward to meeting some lovely people along the way.

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HI i like the trip

hi a week ago i did the avenue verte to paris from my place in hroley near gatwick was lovely very low pace ,as i am new to touring and love to cycle around my area lovely so much green , before paris a was thinkg to go all the way to denmark but time was short , i wiwll like to join you for some part of the trip and also have atent a simple camping stuff , i recomend travel light ,
i commute to work everyday and this weekends i usually cycle one trips to the cost as i am half way to brigton , i use to live an dwork in heathrow so i know a bit of uxbridge , i am planing to go to london one of this sundays , so let me know if we can share ideas , how much was the ferry as i check around 65 poudns ?same crossing from harwich ?
ok hope the trip will be great
i send you my number just in case easir to communicate
thank you

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