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Companion for Paris Helsinki Trip 17/07/2015

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Companion for Paris Helsinki Trip 17/07/2015

Hi, i will started my trip from Paris to Helsinki 17/07/2015,
i cross Belgium Netherland Danemark Sweden Norway and Finland ( around 3000km)...
if you can join me just for few days or kms, your are welcome...
my day ride is around 100km, i have tent, camping if it's possible or WormShowers...
This is my Email:
Good ride.

je vais commencer mon voyage de Paris à Helsinki 17/07/2015,
Je traverse la Belgique Pays-Bas Danemark Suède Norvège et en Finlande (environ 3000 km) ...
si vous pouvez me rejoindre juste pour quelques jours ou quelques kms, vous êtes les bienvenus ...
mon tour de jour est d'environ 100 km, je dois tente, en camping si elle est possible ou WormShowers ...
Ceci est mon e-mail:
Bonne balade.

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Hello Adil, for me it might

Hello Adil,

for me it might be interesting to join you for Scandinavia, maybe we can meet somewhere? around which date would you be in Sweden for example? I have time in august. I am usually doing wild camping and travelling low budget.

have a good trip,

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Cool for Sweden

Hello Regina,
Thank you for your message, I will start tomorrow my trip from Paris,
I'll go through the cool Belgium, Holland, Germany (Bremen, Hamburg ...), Denmark, Sweden, Norway and small tour in Sweden to Stockholm again and then boat to Finland and Helsinki my destination to visit my brother.
I also became a vegetarian, I still eat some fishing fish, I love nature and I have a tent to sleep anywhere ... I'm traveling close to nature ...
I am waiting some news from you.
Have a nice day.

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