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Trieste to Varna or Istanbul on a fixed-gear?

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Trieste to Varna or Istanbul on a fixed-gear?

hi there,

will presumably reach Trieste at the beginning of August. I'll be on a Fuji Feather (fixed-gear), I'll be travelling ultra-light, and I'd like very much to reach Varna, and then carry on to Istanbul and possibly beyond.

the idea is to camp and occasionally stop at some hostel or b&b. I haven't worked out an itinerary yet, and I probably won't beforehand :) though I'll be carrying a map and a compass, promised.

if you're interested in sharing parts or the whole of the journey or even meet up over food & drinks if you're in the area, plz get in touch.


ps: best by 1st September 2015 :)

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ride to istanbul

Howdy folks. Id like to get to Istanbul too and will be in the area of the Slovenian coast around the beginning of August (probably the 3rd or 4th.) so lets talk. I camp mostly and end up going around 100 kms a day. peace out

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Turkey in August

Bonjour everybody.

Cycling towards New-Zealand from France since the 25th of June, I have cycled much of what you plan to do.
You can have a look at my route and planning on my blog:

Maybe we'll meet somewhere on the way.
Just send me a PM if you're interested.

Now, from Corfu, I'll be heading towards Athens and after Thessaloniki.
Then cycling towards Istanbul where I plan to be on the 11th of August.


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