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Cycling Florence (Italy)>Pisa>Genoa>Turin>Locarno 2-14 Aug 2015

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Cycling Florence (Italy)>Pisa>Genoa>Turin>Locarno 2-14 Aug 2015


I am a 34-year old German girl, embarking on her first longer cycling vacation in Northern Italy alone. I fly into Florence 31st of July and will then cycle towards Pisa (staying 2-4 Aug) along the Cinque Terre coast (between 5 and 7 Aug) to Genoa (7-9 Aug). Depending on time I would cycle to Turin via Alessandria or take the train from Genoa to Turin (either 9 or 11 Aug). About 50km north of Turin I will stay with a friend but I am sure he has space to host another cyclist on his huge property. From there I will continue to Biella (12/13 Aug) via Ivrea and Arona (13/14 Aug) on the Lago Maggiore. Final destination (cycling) will be Locarno (14/15 Aug) in Switzerland, from where I take the train to Zürich (15 Aug).

Short summary of my idea:
- Distances: 75-95 km/day incl. some stops, visits and exploring of larger towns.
- Objectives: vacation and take it not too hard, being flexible to take the train or ferry as well
- Lifestyle/Accommodation: Warm Shower hosts in larger cities and/or camping
- Fitness Level: I am fit through daily workouts, cycling as way to move in town and a bit of road biking but I am not an extreme cyclist.
- Cycling trip experience: first cycling vacation of 2 weeks. Shorter cycling trips (long weekends) done before in Germany, Switzerland and Australia.
- Travel experience: Lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, Philippines. Traveled through large parts of Europe, Australia and many South East Asian countries.
- Languages: English, German, French

Would be super happy if someone could join me even if only for parts of the trip.