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Puerto Escondido to Cancun and more

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Puerto Escondido to Cancun and more

Hi there, my name is Carlos, I am 33 and currently traveling Mexico with a group of friends from all over, here is the blog:
currently we are at Puerto Escondido where 2 of our member will end the journey as they have to go back home but Eva from California, Gaby from Mexico city and myself from Guadalajara will resume the journey in about a week in a half, if anyone wants to join in or meet up along the way hit me up so that we can continue traveling and proving that the South of Mexico it is nice and safe to travel while we hit every little beach town along the way, our next major city stop will be Chiapas and San Cristobal in about a month from now I believe depending on weather conditions as we all know the road and the bikes.

Hope everyone enjoying their journey, for me it has been awesome so far and will continue to travel for as long as possible