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Southern Tier winter 2015-2016

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Southern Tier winter 2015-2016

We are planning to do the Southern Tier during winter 2015-2016. We are planning to do it in 3 months with an average of 45km/day.

We work online so we would be cycling during the morning (something like 9h to 1h or 10h to 14h) and taking the rest of the day off to work. We understand this is a huge limitation for most people but we would still welcome anyone who is happy with this idea.

Our idea is to do it during January to March 2016, but we are flexible (other months are possible). We would be staying at motels, hotels and Warmshowers, but we don't need to stay at the same places, so our companion can camp or stay at Warmshowers even if we are staying somewhere else in the same town.

We are not looking for someone to spend the whole day with us, more like someone who will cycle with us in the morning and possibly lunch or dinner and separating for the rest of the day.