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Tour in Morroco. starting from Tanger august 12 - august 30

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Tour in Morroco. starting from Tanger august 12 - august 30

Hi there!

I'm a PhD student living in Nice and looking to take a little break for about 20 days..

I have experience with bike touring and camping. I can speak French, English, Morrocan and German so it would be my pleasure to travel with a person who speaks one of those languages as a language exchange partner if you wish. Dates are from august 12 - august 30

I'm pretty flexible on the journey, the rhythm (even if I like long distances, I also enjoy large breaks).

I'd like to start from Tanger, but if you're interested to join please contact me and we'll discuss it

Hopefully our paths will cross,


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Habitué a partir en randonnée vélo, seul ou en groupe, cette année je ne sais pas encore où partir, mais j'aimerais trouver des compagnons de route parce que c'est quand même plus sympa de partager ce genre de vacances.

Je voyage généralement en mode peu dépensier, voire "roots", une tente et un nécessaire de camping, assez léger et je mange de tout.

Je suis assez flexible sur la date du départ, le trajet, le rythme (j'aime bien les grandes distances mais aussi les grandes pauses). Je bricole un peu, suffisamment pour régler la plupart des pépins qu'on peut avoir à vélo, je peux donc aider à, ou montrer comment réparer avec plaisir.

Si vous souhaitez vous joindre au voyage, envoyez moi un message, on en discutera

En espérant que nos chemins se croisent


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FYI. Sounds good! I'm also heading to Morocco. Our paths may cross. I am still looking at the map and think I shall possibly enter at Ceuta and head south over some mountains to Chefchaouen and beyond to Zagora. I'll be on a budget perhaps lower than your and so shall carry a tent. I'm not sure how Morocco is for single travellers in respect of room costs. If it's practical I may find the need to share with fellow travellers. Anyhow! Enjoy. Be safe

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Hey Mustapha, i am planing

Hey Mustapha, i am planing tour to Athene from Bosnia, i hope so we will meet on route, i am planing to start for a few days, if you want we can try to meet on route.

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Hi ! Actually I changed my

Hi !
Actually I changed my plan, I'm now in Alessandria in Italy on my way to austria,probably Graz Then I Should Reach the Danube bicycle path ... The idea is to pass by Besançon and to Finaly go back to nice passing by Grenoble and the route Napoléon
I would be happy to share if anyone is willing to join
Have a good trip !


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