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Travel buddy for about a month in Europe?

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Travel buddy for about a month in Europe?


I've been cycling around France for 1 month now, and have taken a break to visit Holland and a friend in Belgium... My next stop is a meditation retreat just outside of Limoges, which runs from 16-22nd August.

After that, it would really be nice to experience cycle touring with somebody! I've been wild camping as much as possible, as well as staying in campsites, hostels, and couchsurfing. My average distance has been about 80-100km a day, although the road has been very flat and very smooth!

I'd like to travel with somebody I can get along with really well, and who has a similar approach to travel as I do. So far, being on my own, I've been covering a lot of ground and not having a huge amount of rest days- going forwards I'd like to sightsee a lot more, which is always more fun with people I think!

My tent is 2 person, so you would be welcome to share with me so it's easier to wild camp.

I'm open to which country/countries we travel in. I really like having good roads, so ideally not too bumpy and with some kind of infrastructure for cycling would be good! I'm even happy to stay in France- I like practising my French and it's a lovely country to cycle in... Depends very much on whoever I end up travelling with!

Send me a message if you're interested :)

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travel buddy

I wonder why you didn't put your age, or whether you were male or female? I've often noticed that people don't put much info when seeking a travel buddy. My reasoning is that you'd get more responses if you provided further information. For example, an elderly woman seeking a travel buddy would not (probably) want replies from teenagers. That's just an example. Or another example, some people prefer either their own sex for travel company, or the opposite sex - so again, they wouldn't be able to tell from your message. Anyway, that's just my thoughts out loud...... Regards,

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Female. 29.

Female. 29.

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I'm going to Morocco via Ceuta about then. May be a few rough and bumpy roads though. Then Vipassana in nov. back in Spain. So! if Morocco is a consideration for you....
Ps got my own tent and am male

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re europe tour

I am arriving in Frankfurt on Aug. 9. I will take a few days to recover from flight. I am thinking of going to Budapest and the Balkans. but I am flexible. see my profile

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Europe cycle trip

I'm currently in San Sebastián and am planning on starting a cycle trip to the netherlands. Im going to cycle up the french Atlantic to la rochelle, and then cut along to saumur on the loire, which i will follow to basal, and then make my way up the rhine to rotterdam! Let me know what youre up to if any of this interests you :) im female and 22, and love to free camp!

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I am planing closely to

I am planing closely to August 20 or earlier to start trip to Athene by Serbia, Macedonia , Greece, Then back trou Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and then back to Bosnia again. i have 3 person tent, and route is long 4k kilometers.

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So any ideas as to what you pla to do? I,m in Gibraltar right now, and feel like riding south to agadir or something? Sound any good to you?

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