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soon : into istanbul

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soon : into istanbul


i'm in Thessaloniki at the moment and will probably cross the turkish border within a week. haven't yet decided which route i'll take, but likely the d100 to begin with. pretty intimidated by riding into istanbul so if anyone else is keen for a riding buddy let me know ! otherwise I suppose I'll meet some folks on my way :)

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Hi there, I'll also be in

Hi there,

I'll also be in Istanbul pretty soon.
I am in Bansko in Bulgaria at the moment and I expect to be in Istanbul in 7-10 days depending on whether I head up to Sofia first or not.
I've been saving this link for a while now and it might be helpful for you

You can kinda keep track on me here

Just keep me updated and maybe we will head in to Istanbul at the same time :)


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I'm heading that way!

Now then Isojo and Fredron!

I'm actually in Thessaloniki at the minute, setting out tomorrow morning for Istanbul (which given todays developments seems a bit… mental) heading for the Silk Road. You can get in touch with me at or Sam Pougher on Facebook if either of you fancy a riding buddy.

Happy riding!


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