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In Munich, Hit a car yesterday and damaged the front fork

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In Munich, Hit a car yesterday and damaged the front fork

Worst riding day ever, and I am on the edge of giving up my tour from Portugal to Hongkong....Now I am in Munich Germany, the axis of the rear wheel was broken, tried to fix it for an hour, still the same....I went to a bike shop to buy a new one. After riding 2km, it was not going right, still hitting the frame, so I rode back to the bike shop. On the way, I hit a car, got a few wounds, but the worst was I broke the bike frame....the staff of the bike shop said it would be dangerous to ride on a damaged Frame and the fork was bended, so he suggested me to get a new bike, on top of all the problems of the bike....

Of course I couldn't afford those 1000€ new now I will try to find another second hand one to carry on my trip.

I just realized this bike has already carried me more than 13,000km since last year...I will miss you!!!
I don't know what should I do next..... anyone near Munich can help me?

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bike repair

Hi Sean,

Sorry to hear about your accident, and about the damage bike. Maybe it is possible to weld it. and about the Fork, maybe they can bend the fork back, or just buying a secondhand cheap fork. Hope anybody in Munich can help you out.


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Hi Karin, Thanks for your

Hi Karin,

Thanks for your reply. Yes the staff at the bike shop helped me to bend back the fork, it was fine.
But today the worst part happened, part of the frame was broken when I was cycling (luckily without luggage and I did not fall), so now.....well, I need to buy another second hand one....
Will try to find something in Munich tomorrow when shops are open!!


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Hi Sean, Sorry to hear about

Hi Sean,

Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you weren't seriously hurt.

My wife and I are currently on tour, in Regensburg, and having a break due to injury. We're not sure of our next step yet, but one possibility is that we go to Munich to sell our bikes. If this ends up happening I'll send you a message. We are riding a 60cm Condor and a ~56cm (I think) Genisis Equilibrium.

Hope you've recovered ok


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How is your injury?

Hi Warren,

Thanks for your reply. I hope you are not injured too seriously....
Mine is fine, just a bit hurt in my left arm, it will be heal soon.

But today when I cycled from Munich to Dachau to see the concentration camp memorial, and on the way back, my bike is totally broken, part of the frame just broke.....together will all the signs happened last week, it all points towards me to have a new second hand bike to carry on my journey!!!

I am actively looking for a suitable one in various second hand bike shops in Munich, and hopefully I can find something tomorrow!

Hope you are healing well soon!! And don't give up, cycling from Amsterdam to Italy is amazing!!! I have been cycling in Europe for a year, and definitely enjoy every single moments!!

Sending you positive healing energy through the air!!
And let's see if we will meet on the way!
I have Whatsapp number :+34632804122

Good luck!

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