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Quebec city-maine-mass-white mountains-quebec city

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Quebec city-maine-mass-white mountains-quebec city

I plan a cyclo camping trip next summer (end july 2016) for 2 weeks. I will star from quebec city, going to maine, mass on the east coast and returning via white mountains to quebec city. I am a 51 man loving cycling. I did some in the past, boston-cape cod loop, vermont loop, saguenay in quebec this summer and the best was last year with my daughter, we did Corsica. I also plan when i will be retired (55) to do a 1 year trip around north america.

Any interested to share that trip with me? I usually ride from 80 to 150 km a day depending of the wind and the ground!

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itinéraire ...

Salut Louis,
A tu déjà un itinéraire de prévu ?

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Aloha Louis

I think you will be roughly about 1 months ahead of me- unless your dates are a little flexible. I intend to start in Vancouver around July 20th 2016, but am a few days flexible in that date.

Let me know if we can work out something.


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Boston to washington mountain route

Any suggestion for route from boston to washington mount, low traffic and nice route?

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