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From Mission BC (near Vancouver) to Palm Desert, California

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From Mission BC (near Vancouver) to Palm Desert, California

Hello fellow cycling enthusiasts!

I am a newly retired single-again Canadian woman, who has been inspired to do some touring cycling by the 3 Warm Showers cyclists I hosted this summer. I had such great experiences with them and their enthusiasm and joie-de-vie was contagious.

For my first trip, I was thinking to cycle from my home in Mission, BC to visit relatives in Palm Desert, California.

Because I am sure that cycling vicariously with my hostees once they left here and watching Vimeo videos does not constitute any solid experience, I would be interested to travel with someone, at least part of the way. I am thinking to leave sometime between Sept. 28, 2015 & Oct. 1, in order to arrive in PD in mid November 2015. I haven't even thought about where to from there at this stage!

Canadian Cindy