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Dar es salaam to the south

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Dar es salaam to the south

Hi folks

I am in Dar es salaam and will stay for two weeks, then heading to the south .

Bicycling in Africa is intense , I just got robbed.

Join me and rock on.

Cheng wei

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Please describe your

Please describe your unfortunate experience.

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we did the same less than a

we did the same less than a year ago, never experienced any problems in eastern or southern africa.

if you need any info, shout out

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Cycfling i love....and is emotion to me...

hello there,and by the way i will like to tell you who i am,,,,i am salieu by trhe name....and i Salieu i am just an amazing person,i am very down to earth, very respectful, helpful and easy-going.I can become your good friend in a minute as i very open-minded and very experienced traveler and touring cyclist who crossed whole Gambia and Senegal by bicycle. I cycled with many touring cyclist to my family places and to the beautiful nature places in Gambia. i can warmly welcomed you to my local home and my family house where we could camp. We cooked on fire meals together and went to the concerts or festivals. It is not too often to meet such an experienced free spirit person like me in my country,because so many people are not use to bike like i am and also my mentality is so different here with others,because i am for equality,solidarity,freedom and justice...freedom of movement for all and freedom also for all.... Great time! i had with so many touring cyclist and also i got an idea to cross Africa and Europe on bicycle. Welcome me warmly at your home like i welcomed you here ;)

just to say am glad to hear from you...and by the way i will like to write you my story on bike..i love bike and i will be so glad to host you for non frofit warm showers and a read on my story....
salieu"s stories...

Cassamnce i am very proud of especially to live there...And all what even makes me to be more attracted to live in cassamnce,south Senegal, is that of the beautiful nature, the people, the climate.My journey in cassamance was a dream to me but it was not on bike,but later as i was with a friend from Holland who is a world touring cyclist also i was impress of his life journey on bike...So he decided for me to accompany him that was my first long distance bike tour in casamnce.Now i started my journey with him from a village called Abene and pass through small villages on the the road and to Dioulounloun where we are ask to show up our identity at the check point...And later we proceed to Baila a jola village where you can mostly find jola tribe and after lunch we proceed to another place called Bessire annd After our departure from Bessira we bike through on the stunning natural landscape through Thionck Essyl to Ziguinchur. And every body and Everywhere we were welcomed with waving cheerfully. And of course my friend Klaas have to take some pictures because he is the one having camera.And in one village called Ajamat were children come out and warmly welcome us but they were only interested with the white man and they called him Toubab meaning a whiteman in the local language and what last to be the amazing thing in that village is that the children had to feel the beard of my friend Klaas....and later i ask them all what they were telling me is that they have seen so many toubabs but most of them pass by car and only few sometimes say hi to them,,,,,and they told me that also some of them never touch the skin of a it was a new life to them on that day that they now get intouch with a whiteman skin and they were happy jumping and singing,screaming Toubab.... Toubab
Toubab...But we could not spend that much time as it was getting hot and also we were rushing to get in Ziguinchur ....the capital of Cassamnce where i have a friend whom i should camp in his home...but i never meet him before we just keep in contact through mobile but bike brings me up to him...SO really i love bike as it can make people to meet and also can show you so many places.. BUT REALLY IN MY FIRST JOURNEY I WAS VERY PROUD of my cycling performance. and also not only for the chance of sport because i like sport,but i can also see the part of Senegal that i was never thinking of to reach in those days by bike,and it really the greatest experience of my life.Later in the evening
we arrived in Ziguinchor, the capital of Casamance.Then i have a stop with my friend and i decided to buy some credit for the phone to call, i call a friend of my friend by the name Pa sey and we were picked up by him to his house.... I have friends everywhere and relatives too and also i can communicate with different local languages here,and we do always spend the night with families and friends homes. In pa sey house we fix our tent in the garden and in the meantime the ladies already busy cooking for food for the family and also we do contribute for our self too so we join to eat the meal. When we are well and truly installed into a delicious meal ready for us, as usual with lots of fish. It tastes delicious and so delicious to eat,And my friend klaas told me that some people in Europe think in Africa they have almost nothing to eat in Africa.Later i laugh and i told him that that's why travelling is often a school of education....and also is nice to travel and see the world as your home...and also felt happy that freedom of movement is every ones right..Really my bike trip with klaas was so nice and also very safe as we had no accident on the road and also we were not attack by the Rebels as people told us in Cassamance there are lot of Rebels so you could meet them on your way....but we only met the soldiers on check points and also on patrol...On our way to capskiring We found a nice country road but were stopped after a few kilometers by the military we want to use the short cut to capskiring but we were stop by the soldiers that is only restricted area so we were ask to come back and use the other main road....
Cap Skirring is the seaside resort in Senegal. The trip along was through a beautiful nature reserve with among others weather the enormous Baobab trees you encounter everywhere here. Large wetlands, mangroves and pelicans and other birds that inhabit the water plains. . . What we had there really was a beautiful asphalt road to Cap Skirring and Cap Skirring itself is really not very interested in my friends eyes as he told me but for the view he was very interesting.
Meanwhile, i try to teach something of the local languages to my friend as i can speak most of the languages here.The problem is that many languages ​​are spoken here and sometimes is confusing, Furthermore, they speak Wolof, Diola and Madinka and in addition, other local languages. The only thing my friend can remember is "Kassoumai?"which means how are jola tribe and then he get surprised when the reply to him " kassoumai Kep...means am fine....kep means fine....
In Ziguinchor i have nice time and also i met opened minded people who are really so friendly and we discussed. One morning we found an old lady at a house just down to our house were we were camping and the old lady had a great big pot of porridge and cooking coose as porridge.And when we visited She wanted with all love for us also keep a portion back and when we came back fifteen minutes later there was a big bowl of porridge waiting for us. She was proud that whiteman eat her porridge because she told that she had never experienced a white man eating porridge in Africa. She told me that she had heard that white people always eat meals at restaurants that are just as expensive as a bag of rice which she eats two months. Tonight she cooks special oat mouth for us with the fruits of the baobab tree. That is being nice.Well after we decided to move after few days time we stayed in Zigg....i jump on my bike and continue my journey towards Gambia east part,so later i come up with a great philosophy of biking that cycling is emotion,The desire of every human-being to proof him self.Its a battle ,a man to mam fight where suffering is synonymous with perseverance and passion.Therefore has a sweeter taste than honey.Cycling is especially battle against yourself.Against the element of nature ,the opponent circumstances and the own physical shortcoming.Cycling is mainly learning how to lose over and over again to face that battle.To become resurrected as a newborn man,knowing how to cross his are some of my bike tour stories in the south Senegal....and nice that i love bike and i am happy with my 2wheels in the Dust and on gravel...and all i love on bike is that it gives me less stress and also it make me have more view....which i cannot have on car...

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