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US-CANADA west to east cost tour 2016

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US-CANADA west to east cost tour 2016

G'day from Cycling Sandi from Tasmania. Am planning my next tour for 2016, US-CANADA west to east coasts, mid April to late August. I enjoy Ninja camping in wild areas as well as visiting warm shower hosts. Would like to see some of the natural wonders as well as altered landscapes. Am a wee bit worried about bears and gun tooting cowboys. I suffer in humidity, prefer hot dry, temperate climates. Prefer cycling rural and nature regions with my three best mates - me, myself and I. Am a keen fisherman, usually trout on a fly but happy to try other species. Any suggestions greatly received. Regards, Cycling Sandi.

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Welcome Sandi Most of the

Welcome Sandi

Most of the time Bears are living in Rural Areas --- away from people. They have an keen
sense of smell that is helping them eat every thing with in their turf.

If you do not litter your area with items that smell as food --- to them ---and several other related etc's, then you are OK.

The most feared animal world wide is ----- People.

.. Gun Armed Rural folks are not your worry.

... If Ya Like It Hot --- start at San Diego or Los A and start pedaling East.

... Look at National, State and County Parks that are in route plans. They may not be what you are wanting to fully use --- but the have Showers and etc.

.... Are you a Diamond Frame ( DF ) Rider or a Tadpole Trike Rider ?

Rodger & Gabby
Colo Sogs

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US-CANADA cycle tour 2016

Thanks for your comment Roger and Gabby. I've ridden my Cannondale t1 tourer 20,000 kilometres without a major problem. Regular maintenance items such as chains, cassetts, tyres/tubes are replaced for each tour and the investment has been worth the expenditure. Regards, Sandi.

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