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In Vietnam - Thorn Nomad, Rohloff Equipped, Large, 2014 Model

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In Vietnam - Thorn Nomad, Rohloff Equipped, Large, 2014 Model

Hi all,

I have a Rohloff equipped Thorn Nomad for sale. I bought her last year and have cycled from Turkey to Vietnam with her. She has been absolutely amazing. Just kept her clean and oiled and not a murmur all the way.

I am in Hanoi, Vietnam now, and will end my journey. I'm looking at selling my bike, partly because this is probably my last epic tour, and partly because of the cost of transporting the bike home to England. I want to go home via some other countries to do some voluntary work, and the excess luggage fees will add up! So, if someone happens to be looking for a second hand Thorn to tour from South East Asia, then I may have a bike for you!

The bike is completely black with red hubs front and back. It is the largest frame that Thorn produce in the Nomad series -a 620L. I am 6' 5" ((197 cm ish) and have the seat post out maybe 20 cm or more. The front fork stem is uncut from Thorn. This gives me an upright position even with my height. I imagine the bike would fit somebody a bit under 6 feet pretty well.

The front wheel has suffered some damage. It is running true, but there is a bulge for two our three cm on one side of the rim where I clobbered a rock. It has a score mark in the rim and the front Mono hub is waiting to be replaced under warranty. I've ridden 2000 km with the wheel like this, but it probably wants replacing!

The bike has wide mud guards,
Rear Thorn steel expedition rack,
Front Surly Nice steel rack (the sort you can put things on the top of also. It's excellent!),
CSS rear wheel upgrade - as good as new,
Brand new chain,
Brand new brake pads and a few sets of spares,
Shimano XT V brakes upgrade with XT levers,
Rohloff with upgrade to be disc brake compatible should you prefer,
Schwalbe Marathon Mondial folding rear tyre. Well used but still some life,
Not very old Kenda Small Block Eight front tyre,
At least 6 spare spokes from the same batch as the original wheel builds,
Spare brake cable, good for front or back,
Aero bars. Muddled on, but I love them!

I have bits of luggage that can go with the bike, but thinking of keeping my panniers. (negotiable if you need). I have other tools to maintain the whole bike. Some will go with the bike, others belong to my socket set back home! But we can discuss if you need. I even have the receipts and maintenance manuals printed in miniature so you know what to do if something goes wrong. Other bits like touch up paint and Rohloff warranty card are back in England, but I can post anything like that that belongs with the bike to you when I get back home.

I'll try adding pictures, and anything else I think of (like the good lock), when I can.

The Rohloff is great, always did the oil change as recommended. Last one was about 2000 km ago, so you should be good for around another 3000 km..

I have everything needed for touring, from the bike and it's maintenance to camping, so if you're interested then drop me a line.

All the best wishes,


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Hi Tim! Have just emailed you

Hi Tim!

Have just emailed you a reply. But like I said - I can't believe I didn't put the price in! For anyone else who is wondering... The bike cost me over $4300 new last year. That included the front and rear rack, upgrading some of the parts such CSS rim, brakes etc. I'm looking for $2800 with the parts listed.

I'm trying to sort a computer virus, but will put some pic up soon hopefully. A couple of links to the Thorn brochure if anyone wants to take a look...

Thorn Mega Brochure pdf:

Thorn Nomad MkII Brochure pdf:

All the best,


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