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2 Touring Bikes for Sale Barcelona/Madrid Oct-Nov

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2 Touring Bikes for Sale Barcelona/Madrid Oct-Nov

For sale are our touring bikes. We are also willing to sell our Ortlieb panniers, touring gear, tent, sleeping mats and sleeping bags if these are wanted, particularly if sold as the whole lot.

We are in Montpellier at the moment (leaving 5 October) and travelling the coast arriving in Barcelona around 12-20 October and Valencia a week after that. We will arrive in Madrid around 7 November and fly out on 15 November.

We are willing to sell the bikes and gear anywhere between Barcelona and Madrid, and possibly earlier. We are flexible and arwork something out in southern France or Spain if it's possible. So if you are interested please leave a reply!

- Olmo female touring bike, bought new. Rear rack and clip-on mudguards. Medium size female frame (girlfriend is about 163 cm or 5' 4). 35 mm Schwalbe Marathon tyres in good condition. The pedal bearings are worn but otherwise the bike is in great condition with the wear and tear you would expect from a few thousand km tour.

- Claud Butler 21" (53 cm) touring bike, bought second hand halfway through the tour. Front suspension and seat suspension, mudguards and rear rack. 35 mm Schwalbe Marathon tyres in OK condition. I am 182 cm and the bike is very comfortable. The pedals are worn and there is some clicking, plus the front suspension is squeaky. The bike was bought from a cyclist who rode from London to Vienna, and I would have added 4-5000 km by the end of our tour.

- Ortlieb panniers x 2 pairs - 1 pair of black and 1 pair blue rollers. The blue pair fastens at the top securely but does not have some of the other clips or hardware on them to connect the shoulder straps.

- Other gear like 1 m heavy chain lock, pump, tools and puncture repair stuff.

- Camping gear including Vango Omega 3.5 man tent with bike "garage" in good used condition with the expected marks and wear from use. 2 Vango self-inflating 25 mm mats in good condition and 2 Roman Palm Passport sleeping bags rated to 0 degrees.


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Hi. There's a coop type bike

There's a coop type bike club in Barcelona that may be helpful to work something out, as they should have temporary space too.
And as y're going farther, the people that told me about them were a brother-sister team I befriended who have a small repair shop in Valencia.


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Thanks Deep, I will check

Thanks Deep, I will check that out. There are a few places in Barcelona that sell second hand bikes and tourers, so that may be where they end up if we can't sell them here.

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