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smart phone/device recommendation?

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smart phone/device recommendation?

Planing on a cross-usa cycling trip next year and I figure I'll need to get a smart phone of some sort.

runs Warmshowers app.
view weather radar.
has ability to get street/road mapping info and find nearby motels.
rechargeable from Shimano front dynohub. (sinewave reactor?)
No contracts. I only plan on using it for the trip and maybe a few weeks before hand to get the apps installed and figured out.

bonus extras, able to enter log and upload to a blog (photos optional).

I'd prefer to not go Apple or Microsoft.

Any one have any favorites that meet these items?

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Cell phone for USA

I don't know what your budget for this is so won't offer up devices given the wide price range. What I can tell you is DON'T get T-Mobile service. Their coverage is poor according to a number of bicycle folk I've hosted. I use Verizon and have never had a problem with coverage.

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As far as a device goes the

As far as a device goes the Samsung Note is tip-top. I've been using the Note3 for a couple of years. It does everything, it's pretty much replaced my netbook on the road. The camera is so good you don't need to carry any other.

As far as cell phone service in the USA I can't say much except that I've made several trips across the USA and found the cell service there the worst and most expensive I've encountered anywhere in the world. I've tried ATT, T-Mobile, Trackphone. Outside of metro areas the coverage is very spotty.

I guess my next trip I might try Verizon, except their network is CDMA not the world standard GSM. Which means ya gotta buy the phone from Verizon.

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I recomment something running Android

Having just completed a west to east ride across northern USA and some Ontario, Canada, our experience was that Verizon and AT&T had about the same amount of coverage, just not always at the same time. I had an Apple device on Verizon and it performed very well, only had to reboot once or twice. Ran WarmShowers well too. My son's phone is a Galaxy ?(something or other, fairly powerful) on a plan that used the AT&T network but was some 3rd party. It ran WarmShowers well too, but he had to reboot more often, probably had something to do with mapping the ride using GPS in the background all day. The reason I recommend the Samsung unit is it would run all day on a 9watt solar panel array and often would come out almost fully charged unless it was overcast. My Apple was so picky about charging that if I hooked it up to a solar panel and walked in front of it and cut the power too much the phone would just quit charging and not start again. Trees along the road made solar charging impossible. I question if an Apple device would work with any 3rd party charger that does not have a rock solid output voltage and current. Good luck.


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