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Cycling India - 18 October to 23 December from Kashmir to Kerala 4000 kms

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Cycling India - 18 October to 23 December from Kashmir to Kerala 4000 kms

Hi everyone,

My name is Sarojini Monteiro. I am from Goa, India but I live in Australia. My passion for public health has its roots in my Indian upbringing. I spent the first 23 years of my life in this wild and vibrant culture, experiencing the strength and humanity of its people, but also the extreme human suffering from preventable diseases caused by a lack of public health services amidst the confluence of westernisation and globalisation. My bold and vivacious Indian mother, the principal of a local government school, advocated bravely for disease prevention information and skills within the limited resources available. Inspired, I moved to Australia and made the decision to commit my career to building my skills, knowledge and experiences in international public health, in order to become a resource for international low-to middle income communities to prevent suffering and improve the health of their people. I obtained a Doctorate in Public Health with the focus on women’s health. I have a decade of experience in Public Health and have held a number of positions including chief epidemiologist, public health policy, health promotion practice, and as a senior researcher.

I love cycling and have travelled across countries using the bicycle and other forms of public transport: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and New Zealand.

My zeal to work on women’s health issues in India inspired me to cycle from the Kashmir to Kerala to understand the challenges and facilitators that Indian women face when they want to cycle in India.

Please contact me if you are cycling in India and want to cycle with me and I can send you my schedule.

Looking forward to meeting you on the road.

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Amazing Initiative...

Wow, you have traveled to places that a normal person would never even dream of...
I'm sure you must have had many unique and satisfying Experiences so far but India will be even more Special, You are coming back to your roots after all !!!

I will provide you with any help I can...
(maybe even join you on this Crusade, idk, I really want to!)

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That's great!

Gin, I wish you a safe and enjoyable ride. Good luck all the way from Kashmir to Kerala.

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