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Hi there, myself and my wife are hoping to cycle through Namibia and Botswana this coming January is there anyone out there that has any useful information to share.i.e. do's and don'ts what we can miss and what not to miss.
Thanks in advance

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Hi Alf, January it is

Hi Alf, January it is extremely hot in Namibia and Botswana. Which route are you planning to take? Wild animals abound in Botswana.

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Thanks for answering

Hi there Antoinette, thanks for the reply at this moment we don't have a route, let me explain, we have two excellent touring bikes which last January/February we were on our way cycling through Malaysia and Thailand unfortunately my wife had a accident so we didn't get to cycle, still had a lovely holiday but not what we wanted.
Now back to Namibia/Botswana first off we thought of hiring a 4/4 and just touring and camping, then i thought maybe if we got some info from warm showers off people who have been cycling to these countries we would have a better idea of what to do, thank you so much for your help
What do you think
Info about myself and my wife, we regularly cycle here in Turkey, however not touring day trips, my wife has not been touring, I have only completed 1tour even that was only short 4months, what do you think, go with the 4/4 or cycle, my mind is upside down.

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Hi Alf, my cycle trips were

Hi Alf, my cycle trips were mainly one month in duration. I went through northern Namibia during winter and then the day time temperatures were bordering on 30 degrees. During mid summer it can get a lot warmer. Both countries are sparsely populated with long distances, 70km+, between habitation. Places like the Kgalagadi is accessible only with 4×4's. No cycling allowed because of wildlife like lions. Even with a 4×4 you have to carry sufficient drinkable water as it is not readily available. Northern Botswana is known for its high concentration of eliphants. Although they don't generally pose a problem depending on the season they can cause a problem. In the Chobe one is only allowed to cycle if there are not big herds moving too close to the road. Also during summer the maleria threat is high. You could consider a combination: 4×4 and cycle as some sightseeing but because of the sparse population there ain't much sightseeing unless you go to Walvisbay, Ludritz and Swakopmund, on the coast. That time of the year I would go 4×4 and do a good round trip and take as much in as possible. Then make your way down to South Africa and do a small trip in the southern Cape by bicycle depending on available time.
Namibia has few tarred roads. Only the main roads are tarred the rest are gravel roads. Some are in pretty good condition although there are some that are not so good and on a bicycle it can be taxing. Botswana is pretty much the same. That is also something to consider.
Hope this info helps.

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Thanks for all the info

Hi Antoinette, thank you so much for all the information in your last email, myself and my wife have decided to go with a 4/4, now all we have to do is decide weather it would be better to hire from Cape town as we fly in and out from there, or we might get better deals when we get to Namibia.
Well thanks again we are really looking forward to this trip.

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