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istanbul - nepal start 1st november who's in

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istanbul - nepal start 1st november who's in

Hello !!!

I am Camille, 28 girl from France. I am travelling from France to nepal by bike and i Will be in Istanbul in the next days. I think to pass by georgia, azerbaidjan, kazaksthan, uzbekisthan, kirghizsthan, china. I am looking for a compagnion with who travel male or female between 20 and 40 year old.
I am no vegeterian nor vegan, no smoker but i have no problème with This. I make between 50 and 90 km a day. I like to travel with a low budget but it's not a problem to pay a hôtel in case if emergency.
I am not looking only for people who want to make the all road but it can be smale peace of the road (for example only turkey).
I am a quite easy to live person and very social. I like to stop sometimes to meet people or to see beautiful things around.
Until now, i was travelling alone in Europe but i would feel more confortable to travel with somebody else in turkey because it's a country i don't know at all.
I know Winter is coming so it Will nit ce the easiest part of the travel so i am looking for crazy person like me.
You Can check my blog which unfortunatly is un french
You Can send me a mail Just for questions.
Bye !!!!