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Manche Circular Cycle route.

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Manche Circular Cycle route.

I always ask passing panniered cyclists what their itinerary is, and they are invariably delighted to tell me.
NCRoute 2 (Sustrans) passes just over a mile away.
I don't know who created it, but it's an interesting double cross channel back lane route starting anywhere on the Poole/Cherbourg/Roskoff/Plymouth circle. I'm told by some Frenchmen who were enjoying it, that it is well planned.
It provides two states, two (if not three) languages and a homogeneous landscape on each side of the English channel,
with two or three cities to visit along the way also. I might have a go at it myself, having done some of the route myself, at various times. It is about 600 miles so it is not that much of a doddle, by pannier bagged standards! 60miles a day is quite enough for me! OK? Let's talk it over! come by and stay the night.... or two!